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men's dress shoes jcpenney_men's dress shoes johnston murphy

Great quality my daughters loved them
Broke within a month :(
I originally ordered the 1 carat total weight, but exchanged them for the .50. The main reason was because the were very close in size to what I already own. I find that the .50 carat size is more practical to wear every day, and they do look more like real diamonds. The ONLY downside is that the clasp is SO tight that it requires quite a bit of effort to put the earring on and take it off. One of them seems to be loosening up a bit. Not enough to slide easily, but enough not to break a nail...They're very sparkly and look nice on.
Great value. Used for craft.
Great product
This cap fits my head perfectly, since I also wear a headband underneath. It seems to be made well, and its price is hard to beat.
Fit perfectly we love Nike!
Super cute! Especially for the price
Purse is even more pretty in person. It looks like an expensive buy. You won't regret it.
I have used the cotton synthetic mix hanes socks in the past, but after mistakenly ordering the cotton ones, I thought I would give them a try. They are VERY good! They are much thinner and a bit more comfortable for a long day. I would recommend.
The 👛 is very nice.
Love it, it's been my favorite one that I have.
I received the items but without the slick collar slim
Light, slim, durable material and build. The leather is already forming nicely in my front pocket and the RFID definitely effective, as I have to remove my transit pass to make it work. I'm a very active person and always on the move, so a wallet with just the essentials; drivers license ID, credit/debit for the plastic money, tight slots for the bills, and even a few dozen business cards. Totally affordable and worth the cost, works for me.
It's a cute disney watch for girls! My daughter is so happy and she like it!
Of course being a Carhartt,a person doesn't have to say too much.Their quality more less speaks for itself and this not so new color brite lime seems to have gone global.Probably because it can be seen from far away,even more so than International orange.
Good deal, now have to have them shorten. Should have bought them locally so I could try them on. I'll lose money on this deal because I'll have to pay to have them shortened.
Minor chafing when cycling. Guess that's not a huge problem as long as they last because they're tougher than my last set.
Very pleased.
Very nice and fit over my glasses. Thank you for the handwritten letter.
Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful!!! When it came my daughter begged so yes I fave it to her and ordered more for myself and a friend. Quality is great. Price is great, fit is great!
Great fit. Great value.
Hats fit fine.
Podría ser un poco mas larga.
Nice quality. However the nosepiece is not right for me, putting the lenses at an odd angle. I have another pair of Duco's that I've had for years--perfect in all ways!
Love this bag! I get so many compliments on it. It is just the right size to fit a cell phone, keys, small wallet, chapstick and gum. Made very well for how cheap it costs.
I feel as though my experience with this purse is a bit mixed.

First, the good: It truly is a lovely purse. The size is perfect, and because the body of the purse is so soft, if you don't have a ton of things in it, it slouches and doesn't take up too much space. However, I've also had it packed completely full and it works well that way, too. I wanted something soft and slouchy, and this definitely fit the bill. I love that you can choose between wearing it as a crossbody and wearing it on your shoulder. The compartments on the inside and outside have been perfect for my needs, and have kept me feeling organized.

And, the not so good: Within just a few weeks of using this purse, the shorter strap edges started to peel off. It didn't take long for it to get annoying, and I ended up just peeling them off completely because I was sick of the frustration of dealing with them. This definitely took away from the classiness of the bag. Not much longer after that, I had a moment of total panic because my car keys disappeared- even though I KNEW I had put them in the outer zippered compartment of the purse. Eventually I realized that the inner stitching on the compartment had completely ripped out, and my keys had fallen through to the bottom of the purse, in between the leather and the purse liner. The outer zippered compartment was actually one of the bigger selling points of this purse for me initially, and I've continued to use and be irritated by it. Yes, I could sew it back together, but it's disappointing that I should have to do this on such a nice-looking purse.

Would I buy it again? I'm truly not sure. Maybe (hopefully) the manufacturer has made improvements and these things are no longer an issue... I'm actually trying to decide what to do now, because I'd like to get a new one, but have a hard time paying the money for something that's going to fall apart so quickly..
Way to large. Seller and price was great.
Fits great good quality
Fit perfectly! Very comfortable
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