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I'll buy these forever...
Great wallet
broke within minutes. the plastic shell is not very durable, came apart very easily and it wasn't even dropped. don't recommend buying
It is good. Good design, good material and good craftmenship. I am using it both for my cards and as a Money clip. Amount of banknotes it can hold is limited but it is OK for I was expecting it before the purcase. How long will it last ? I don't know I'll wait and see it.
I'm impressed with the quality of these. Also a great selection for the price!
I didn't realize how thin it is. I'm afraid to wear it...I might lose my pendant if it breaks. My fault. I didn't realize how small .7mm was.
I bought this because I'm a meat cutter and in a cooler all day. I was so impressed with thesejackets that this was my second purchase. I've washed them numerous times now and they are still in great shape. I wear this over a flannel shirt that I wear and this keeps me warm all day long
Huge in the waist and crotch but tight around thighs. Bad fit
Fit good looks good
Fit too tight
Fit Good
Love this bag..nice and roomy
Very satisfied with your product
Beautiful bag with good durability!
good product prompt delivery
Very cute.
wonderful hat great for hiking very well ventilated.
For the price and quality is the best.
Very Cute! And they don't look cheap at all.
I dont think this is a good quality leather. It feels like a piece of cardboard and really light in weight, almost like cork fillers and not as a single piece leather. Furthermore, although it arrived brand new, the leather? Was extremely dry. After 3 wears, the finish is beginning to bubble and starting to peel off.... I am now beginning to wonder, if I had conditioned the belt before wear, would it have made a difference...

PS: I am not wearing this belt at its tightest setting nor do I wear this belt for heavy duty work. Just normal daily wear to work 3 times and the surface is beginning to peel off. Any slight bent even along the Curvature of your body will break this fragile leather.

Pant size 30 slim build, 32 belt size at the middle hole. (Loosely snug).

Belt color in wheat.

Overall thought, disappointed. This belt is more of a fashion piece that is fragile to the touch and Cannot be worn as a functioning pant keeper upper. Life expectancy for the belt is probably 10 wears and then itll fall apart and lose the fashion aspect of this belt. Do not recommend.
Very nice outer finish with lots of storage inside. Great buy with RFID protection.
shorts are all cotton.not 90/10 so do not waste your money,and they run small
Comfortable but it sheds.
it's comfortable but just a little large
Great no-blister socks to wear under uniform athletic socks. Bought this for my daughter to wear under her soccer socks. No more in between and underneath toes blisters. Highly recommend.
Beautiful purse! Doesn't appear to be big but it has 2 zipper compartments that can hold so much. Light weight and comfortable on should no matter the length of time you hold it. Would recommend for sure.
i love these glasses. they're timeless. fit well and they pretty much go with any look / style you have.
Love it!! Perfect size, zippers work smoothly. Stylish without gaudy add-ons. Should buy another in a different color!!
Yes! So much yes!
My boyfriend has never experienced the Midwest cold before. This SAVED HIM from being so uncomfortable. Fits great, and usable under any pair of pants. Would recommend.