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designer shoe stores near me_sell designer shoes for cash near me

Quality equal to cost. Not the best grade of leather, but equal to what the price was.
This is a perfect size for a small bag and still has plenty of room. There are five spacious zippered compartments, so your items are securely held. There are none of the snap or side compartments where things can be dropped so easily, it is all zippered shut. There is a good long sturdy strap that easily goes around your body and it is all leather with nicely satin lined compartments that match the leather. This is exactly what I wanted and needed to use when I just don't want to take the heavy purse or worry about it either in the shopping cart. The smaller rounded compartment has holders for your credit cards and a see through holder for you license. This is one sturdy well made leather bag with loads of room that I will enjoy and feel safe using it, while being able to go hands free from my larger heavy purses.
perfect fit
Cheap worked great for cheap alternative for travel in Mexico. Held up fine
With the exception of the nonremovable passcase, it's a nice, well made, attractive wallet.
Not dark enough to block out the Arizona sun. When I tried them outside I was squinting from the sun and felt like my eyes were not being protected. Like the design and they are very light.
Hey, it's underwear. Good underwear is invisible, like you are wearing none at all. These fit that bill.
I love these, I got them because I get corns between my small toes and this solves the issue for me. They do feel weird at first but they offer a good feel for the ground.

They are snug initially and I didn't think my toes would fit but they do fine. They take longer than normal socks of course to put on.

I like to walk around in them at the house and freak out my kids - bonus value.
Love this shades! They were perfect!
Excellent for travel and very adaptable to numerous uses
Why is this hat made in China? The slogan says "Make America Great Again"... Not China!
I had to throw half of these away. They fit good and half of them were typical, quality Gold Toe socks. But I think the other ones were Gold Toe rejects. I buy these from JC Penny and they are great. I took a chance and bought these because they were a little cheaper but I noticed that in a lot of the socks, when I put them on I was able to see a lot of skin though the material by the heel. The material wasn't worn out or anything so they looked like brand new socks. Just s***ty stitching in the heels. I didn't use these until months after I ordered them so I didn't even bother trying to send them back. So no ill will towards the seller at all.
These are a great affordable pair of scrubs. However the top fits a little bigger than the pants do; like they aren't proportionately sized together.
As advertised
I love how bright the colors are in person!
It has a weird smell, because that can easily be washed out. Also it fits how I want it to fit and I got a small btw.
It’s compact and doesn’t take up a lot of space
As some have said before. These hats get a little bent in shipping. Mine popped back into shape. And for the price I'm very happy with the hat. Great quality for the price and made of heavier material than I expected. It's just a touch big. And the drawstring in the sweat band is a joke. But I can live with that. After a couple hours of massaging it here and there while wearing it around I have almost gotten it formed the way I want. I would order this again.
Awesome socks that are light weight and they never fall down.
I could kick my self. I only bought one pair at 3$ a pair as add on item. Doe to negative reviews! They are as claimed medium weight long johns. Only difference then ones I’ve owned before is they are larger, baggier, and longer then usual. That’s why I only gave 4 stars, Even though there large and baggy I’m keeping them because of price 3$ Great deal add on almost 9$. They are comfortable as p j’s , I will layer with another tight pair for cold weather when using outdoors. Just by a size smaller then your normal size! Hoping to see them as add on’s again.
This is possibly the most attractive and stylish wallet I've ever owned. I bought as I needed a slimline wallet when wearing my suits. I needed to cut down my plastic while having somewhere secure to keep cash. As the id pocket is not shielded it is perfect for my work access pass . So the wallet houses enough of my cards and cash. Overall for the price it's a beautiful wallet.
Great product holds up to its standards
These seem to be well made but for me one of the deciding factors in buying them was the "Made in US" statement in the main product description. After seeing that I did not look further but it does say Made In China in the lower description. Honestly I like the glasses but would not have purchased them if I had seen that they are made in China. I wear sunglasses to protect my eyes. I am skeptical at best that sunglasses made in China will actually perform as specified.
I love this bag...super cute. Perfect size for books, tablet, etc. Love it!
My order of these Hanes comfort tagless muscle shirts came very quickly and undamaged after ordering. They were a gift for my oldest son on his birthday! They fit well, the good is great! Hems and seams are all sewn well. Great value, great fit! Makes for a great shirt! Or package of shirts in this case. We have bought Hanes for many years and can trust the workmanship and quality of this brand.
Very comfort thanks
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