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Linge de maison Dans de beaux draps !
Meubles canapés Vive la déco !
Linge de maison Dans de beaux draps !
Meubles canapés Vive la déco !
Nouveautés Ça vient d'arriver
Linge de maison Dans de beaux draps !
Meubles canapés Vive la déco !
Nouveautés Ça vient d'arriver
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Good product but seam came apart on the legs opening a 6 hole.
I like the outside pocket and that it is very flat. Neat color
My guy is in love with them! At first he was a bit hesitant to the shape of where his ding-dong sits in the pocket, but once he put on the awesome, cool-feeling, bamboo material, he fell in love! He feels like a free-bird! So Free that he felt the need to share it with social media Letting it all hang loose. Looks way better in person! Turn on for me and comfy for him He cant live without these handy little undies now
Muy buen Producto 100% original, 100% recomendable!!! APROVECHA EL BUEN PRECIO!! me fue despachado, enviado y entregado en Venezuela en el tiempo estipulado, Lo recomiendo.
I really liked this bag, but didnt read that it was small, I had owned it in the larger size and was extremely happy with it. But not in the smaller size, I returned it only because it was too small for my needs.
Love it!!
The belt is advertised as fitting someone up to a 48 inch waist. I have a 44 inch waste. I measured the belt and it is only 46 1/2 inches including the buckle. The belt looks great and would be awesome if it actually fit. I don't recommend buying this belt unless you are really skinny.
Shorts are comfortable and perfect for workouts.
I love pura vida bracelets but I recommend you go to their website because the bracelets are way cheaper on it than on amazon.
Exactly as pictured. Quality and craftmanship is excellent. Would buy again
Perfect color and great fabric. I love this shirt!
My kid loved them.
perfect for summer
Nice socks, extremely comfortable; are good for working in extreme conditions. No complaints. They don't shrink either!
Love this purse. I bought it for a beach trip because I needed something small when we went out. It's now my full-time purse. Perfect size.
These glasses, while they look good, have lenses that are made of glass and, as I discovered, are NOT shatter proof. The glass lenses are quite delicate and shattered after falling off a table. There is a serious risk of blindness associated with these glasses if you were to fall over or the lens were to impacted, you would have a surgeon picking out shards of glass from your bleeding eye. I must strongly recommend against them unless you plan to change the lenses to plastic ones at an optical shop. Your sight is just not worth the risk.

I would strongly advise against wearing these glasses while driving in an airbag equipped car, motorbiking, cycling, playing any contact sport or sport involving a ball of any sort, any out door activity, in fact almost any activity where you might need sunglasses.
I liked these glasses because they made the headlights of oncoming cars not so bright and glaring while driving at night.
Totally resolved my issues of losing my readers. I have about 35 pairs around my house somewhere, but was always losing them. Since getting this product, I have only needed ONE! The strap is low profile, has the ability to tighten up when doing tasks that require bending - where usually glasses will fall off, they do not! I always know where the are (around my neck). I gave a couple of the items to my dad, who also LOVES them. I highly recommend this product.
Colores reales
Few belts truly hold up longer than a few months for me. This one has been flawless and worth its price in quality. Plenty of holes for those off sizes.
This is one satisfied customer that will definitely be returning for more. I ordered this product as a Father's Day gift for my husband, who only wears Levi's and in this particular style & fit. The jean was delivered on Friday so this made it especially exciting that it was delivered ahead of schedule. Kudos for packaging and timing of delivery!
My second purchase going for a third one
I thought it would be big. But i like how it look. But what I got is smaller than expected so it actually is perfect.
Plus the look. I would have given it a 5 star rating except i didnt like the strap. It was not leather and does not go with the bag at all.
Love this purse! Happy spent the extra money for a Fossil
Absolutely love my purse! Cant NEVER go wrong with Vera Bradley!!!!!!
Terrible quality. Super thin. Skull is huge and not proportionate to face. Just terrible. Dont order.
The bracelet was smaller then expected & quality was cheap! Would not give as a gift!
Nice Looking and Sturdy Belt!
Love everything about them!
Only reason a 4 star rating, I am waiting to see results of wear and tear