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Nouveautés Tout nouveau, tout beau !
Robes Pour être la plus belle
Nouveautés Tout nouveau, tout beau !
Robes Pour être la plus belle
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Nouveautés Tout nouveau, tout beau !
Robes Pour être la plus belle
Shorts Fille Spécial été
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My husband loved it! The perfect gift!
Product arrived on time & fit great.
It's a kangol nothing else needs to be said
misleading in size
I go through a lot of sunglasses but I think these will last. They have a great feel and zero movement. The two cases are a huge plus and will increase the longevity. Highly recommend!
Really great quality and feel strong.
Works well
Great hat!
The quality was great but I noticed that it lowered my IQ by 30 points. Also, made me want to yell offensive yet slightly racist remarks. I also have become a die hard fan of Alex Jones, which I never have been. The hat also gave me a brain tumor.
Fits well and helped a lot when a ran In the cold
I have used this on the back of my wheelchair and it worked great!
Great value for money, this Sunglasses is as expected; it's also sturdy and are more durable than cheap ones purchased in pharmacies.
Great gift for my grand daughter. Lovely charms and personal intial
I bought these for my husband as a gift and he loves them more than any sunglasses he has owned. They have a perfect fit. They "self-adjust" to the bridge of his nose and behind the ears, and can also be further adjusted as needed. Perfect amount of glare protection- not too light or dark. Sharp focus with polarization. I am so glad I bought them for him! They also come with a great, durable case.
Super sunglasses!!
The color is awesome. It's a very nice fit. I'm 6'7" and weigh 210 lbs. I bought a L.
I bought it because I live in Georgia and it's super hot outside. It's not a super soft cotton because it's mixed with polyester but it is soft and will last long. The collar fits nice and snug and I believe it will not stretch.
It's nice and lightweight.
These are a really good value. Attractive, comfortable, soft to the touch, and warm. Time will tell, but they look and feel like they will last a good while. The only flaw I find with them (and the reason I gave them four stars, rather than five) is that they aren't quite as long in the seat as they could be. Anytime the wearer leans over or squats, he shares a bit too much of himself with anyone who happens to be behind him.
Excellent brand at a low discount price. Fits as expected (I'm a size 9 D), great for extra winter warmth and absorbs in summer for a year round comfortable fit.
This "baseball" hat is of good construction and looks nice.
Exactly as advertised, slim, well-made. Holds what I need and made me clean out everything else. Great for decluttering your wallet and forcing you to only carry what you actually need.
These tassel earrings are cuter than anything else Ive seen. They are bigger than I anticipated but I love them the rose gold color is gorgeous and the blush color is more pink than blush but has hints of gold in it. I get a lot of compliments on them and will be purchasing more colors!
Run of the mill belt. The holes seem to wearing quickly though. Ive had it for a few weeks and you can already see some, wear mostly in the holes. Think I paid like 20 or something. Totally worth it for my backup brown belt.
I purchased a 4 pack variety and all of the socks are different thicknesses, and some are very loose.
Had to return because it didn't fit me, but very good looking hat.
cinto para mis hijas estan como lo queran
These are the most comfortable socks ever.
Holds a lot and not too heavy
The color is way off. I ordered the Red and it looked perfect and so bright. When I got it, the color us like a muted brownish mauve. I dont realky like the color.
It's not that slim. My regular wallet it about the same thickness.