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Nouveautés Tout nouveau, tout beau !
Cheveux Crinière de rêve
Nouveautés Tout nouveau, tout beau !
Cheveux Crinière de rêve
Soins Visage Mission peau parfaite
Nouveautés Tout nouveau, tout beau !
Cheveux Crinière de rêve
Soins Visage Mission peau parfaite
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custom spray paint vans shoes

L'été, la chevelure est soumise à rude épreuve. Chlore, sel, sable soleil... Voici comment préserver ses cheveux tout au long des vacances.

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There's are really great socks. I've always bought the cheaper Hanes or Fruit of the Loom, and the last couple bags I got did not have the quality or fit they used to have. I generally put holes in them within a few months and the fabric doesn't stretch nearly as much as the Wander brand. The Wander brand seems better if every way, just a little more money.
exactly as advertised, fits well, feels good.
Fits perfectly
Just what I wanted. Material is nice and thick.
I really like these underwear. And yes, they do feel cooler than my normal Calvin Klein boxer briefs. Going to replace most of my current pairs with these FotL underwear. Life is too short to live in hot underwear!
Fast shipping and excellent product!!
liked it
These are not for myself but they seem to be very soft and warm.
best jeans i have bought
Love! Very cute and plenty of pockets.
Decent shirt for the price, it's a little thin and they arrived today so I haven't washed and dried them yet. One of my shirts had tear holes in them from a rip in the packaging and this was before it was put in the envelope so it was packed torn.
I like the multiple pockets and the thinness of the wallet. It doesn't take up as room as my previous tri-fold wallets. It is a little bigger than I expected but I like it.
I took 4 of these to Europe with me and sink washed them every 4 days. Had no problems and they dry super quick! Never did they smell!
It's a little thin right out of the package. For the price not so thin as to take a star off. It fits great. I'm wearing it now as I write the review. Hopefully it gets even better after a few washes with the feel of the shirt (good shirts get better with each wash).
This one works!
It blocks hacking signal!
Thank you!
Delivered as expected, good sweat soaker, blocked the sun, would buy it again. Not sure what else to say, but it's ok.
Still lovin it!
Good fit
Love the color and has a good fit.
socks wear well
Used Baggalini's for years. Got tired of too many zippers and pockets. Decided to try this as I liked the colors and prints. Love it's size, that it stands up, holds a lot and has just enough separate areas not to be annoying. Very pleased.
make sure to order at least one size up from your normal size. these pants run "small"
My son loves his new hat! Great price, great quality!
Finally socks that don't hurt my big feet 13 4e
Great pair! Good fit. Love the look and they do work well.
I never thought I'd be writing a review about socks. I figured they all did their job. But these socks slowly fall apart and you'll get the lint in your shower and such. Not a great experience.
I really like these and the price is great.
fair price, wanted a color other than white or gray, would recommend
Very cheaply made. Returned immediately
initially impressed. hard and soft case, xtra screws, lense wiper. packaged in high quality. look good. will give time to determine if 5 star. but so far a solid 4. i will be comparing to my ray bans.