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Super cute and exactly as pictured/described
Was not original levi's. Fabric was funky. Fit was not correct. Will not buy this product again on amazon.
Really good. Well worth the money.
Nice material, yet somewhat snug. One size bigger however would have been too large
It is very stiff and I can tell from having owned similar products that after a while it will crack. On the other hand, it was inexpensive so I don't mind as much as I would if it were more expensive.
Just as described
This Aldo purse is gorgeous, i loves it
I ordered a charcoal black set and navy blue set of these socks for my boyfriend and me when the weather quickly turned cold. These socks are fantastic! My boyfriend loved them so much, he insisted I log in to give them a rave review.

THICK! I had to loosen my shoelaces a bit when wearing these. I have big feet so I only ordered the men's style.
ARCH SUPPORT! I LOVE the feeling of "arch support" in socks. My boyfriend hates it, but it hasn't bothered him with these.
MADE IN AMERICA! I'm not super patriotic or anything, but it feels nice.
LOW PRICE! These were the "best bang for your buck" that I found on anywhere. High reviews + low cost + multi-pack = excellent value.
Instructions say to wash cold, inside out, and air dry to reduce shrinkage. I do NONE of these things and have not had any problems. Several times I've washed them in warm water and throw them in the dryer with no ill-effects.
Navy blue and charcoal black are very difficult to tell apart, so you might as well just buy all one color.
Perfect size
Kinda small for loose fit jeans!!
Quality seems very good and fit is nice
Leather very nice. Difficult to zip closed when my regular day to day items are in it. The handles are too thin, like that they are flat, rolled handles/ straps hurt my shoulder too much. For ladies who are very minimalist with items carried but may need empty space for unexpected buying, this purse fits the bill. All in all, for mu use it's a bit too expensive secondary to comfortably carry my items.
They are really simple and pretty but unfortunately one of mine broke less than a month after wearing them
These are very comfortable and warm. I bought these and a burgundy color , they are great.
I bought this shirt on Prime Day. The price was great. I did listen to the advice of others--buy one size smaller than advertised. I figured if it didn't fit me, it would fit my son. It turns out that it fit me just fine. A size "small" is actually somewhere between a small-and-three-quarters and a medium if that makes sense. As for the quality, I am quite pleased.
I love love love this bag! Just wish it was a little easier to zip
Surprisingly good quality. Better than what I purchased at Walmart last time and cheaper. When I have the time and funds I will be purchasing about four more packs of these!
Covers your head, but because it is polyester, it is very warm! I couldn't handle how it baked my head, so I took it off. BUT - It does keep the sun off, so I guess it half-works.
This is beautiful.
Super exfoliating, like you will see your scrubbed off dead skin. This will happen and be common. As most people say, soak in bath for about 15, use bath soap and scrub away to the softest skin of your life. One small thing, your bath tub will get nasty, be sure to clean it. Other than that this is the best body scrub/scrubber I have ever used and for this price, will always use.
I think Im going to like using this wallet. Its certainly very compact, yet there are places for my cash, cards, and an outside clear pocket for a drivers license. The leather is smooth and unblemished, and the metal zippers work smoothly and seem to be durable. The card compartment has spaces for ten cards (the two end spaces are larger, so theres room for a cluster of cards, e.g. insurance). While the zippered space in the cash compartment is so tiny as to be virtually useless, I just stow bills on one side and coins loose in the other; Ive had no problem with this system so far. The one thing to consider that may give you pause is the the wallet is too chubby to fit in most pants pockets; a roomy coat pocket could work or a purse or backpack. Its nearly 2 deep; just something to consider.
Quality is not the issue here. Carhartt always delivers a quality product, but the structure/sizing on this product is way off. We ordered my husband's usual size and ordered four different styles by two manufacturers, two of the styles were by Carhartt. All the socks fit perfectly except for this style. It is very tight in the calves..unwearably tight. My husband is of a slim build, six ft., 165 lbs, so it wasn't a matter of unusually muscled calves. The socks are just too tight for everyday wear.
I like the thin fabric, but these things shrink a lot after just a few washes. Get a size larger than you think you need and let it shrink down to what you want.
Nice shirt that fits well.
Have five of these. Summer panache. Fit can be tricky. My 7 3/8 = Medium but large works too. Smaller size fits a wee be more snug. I guess I would recommend one size smaller if you want more jaunty look. Worth the effort. Quality product.
F-ing awesome! Fit is spot on!
Great quality, good looking backpack, lightweight, straps very comfortable. Side compartments are very useful.
very comfortable and they fit very nicely
I really like this wallet alot. The quality and design is as advertised. At first I thought they had sent me the wrong wallet, because I also purchased the black color also but in the closed design. I didn't realize they were two different designs, but I come to prefer this design over the other!