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Fits and seems to be as advertised.
Levi's 501 jeans, waist 30, inseam 32, unwashed. When it comes to jeans, I wear nothing but. Haven't for decades.

These jeans, now called "Rinse," are the true, original, classic Levi's 501 jeans. If you are impatient, I suppose you can order the "stonewashed," and you'll get the same thing, except already battered and faded. Okay, if that's what you want. Mine fade to the same shade over time. But mine last longer.

These true, original, classic Levi's 501 jeans do not come in white, or black, or any other colors of the rainbow no matter how fanciful and attractive the name may seem (Blue Mist? Timberwolf? Iced Glass?). You order something else, you are not getting the true, original classic. So don't complain if you don't get the true original classic. You didn't order them. You ordered something else.

I've just received two pair. Both hecho en Mejico. Both the same, thick, durable fabric I've known for decades. Both fit as they always have. Both are sturdily stitched with copper rivets around the pocket seams (and steel riveted buttons on the fly). Both are true, original, classics.

I see other reviews disparaging Levi's 501s. Some complain these have a button-fly, not a zipper. Well, duh. Such folk not only didn't know what they were ordering, they didn't read the item description either. Other folk, however, seem to think that Levi's 501 jeans should be the color of a rain-soaked chrysanthemum and still be "original." Hmmm. What to think of such folk?

You want the best, the original, the classic? Order Levi's 501 Jeans, "Rinse." That's what you'll get. Order something else?'s your money.
I ordered one for work and one for leisure. Not disappointed, great for convenience.
Not the material I expected. It was a gift I hope she likes it
Love the color and the size. Has all the compartments needed.
This is the exact sunglasses I have always dreamt of owning. The fit is perfect.
Love Wrangler jeans, fit is great, shipped fast at a great price! Exchanges were quick an painless!
My wife lit up when she saw it and put it on immediately.
Fit is smaller than expectedly
i mf love this belt. very comfortable and nice looking. i use for work.
I bought these as a gift to my husband and he loves them. They came extremelly well packaged and he likes the bag to protect them. They fit his large framed face nicely and feel very nice sturdy and high quality to the touch. I bought them polarized because he cycles and I wanted the anti glare feature but he doesn't wear them for cycling because he says the lens isn't wide enough and it the bottom obstructs his view somewhat, but they are nice looking for everyday wear anyway. Hopefully they will stay with him a while and not get sat on like the last nice pair of Oakleys I bought him.
I Love love love this wallet. It is small lightweight but holds so much. I highly recommend this.
Love them, sper confortable!
Was as described
I'm 6' 210 with a bit of beer gut, the fit is perfect! Love it!!
I bought a pair from kohl's the same size and they fit perfectly. The ones I received from amazon were the same size but the fit is smaller?
my husband says this is compact
Here are the pair I had and the new pair, I wanted a back up pair and they are the same thing!

31x30 dark stonewash

They are not stretch fabric and they are thick just like my old pair.

They are a little longer than my old pair, but they still measure 30 inches, but after I wash and dry them a few times they'll be more like my old pair.
I'm going to keep buying levis, if they keep the stretch out of the fabric!
Didn't last long
I love this product and just ordered two more packs
I've always disliked sack-style purses because I can never find what I need. This purse solves that issue with loads of pockets in varying sizes. I know exactly where everything is.

On the front: 2 medium and 1 large pocket, all zippered. The medium pockets are perfect for cell, sunglasses, reading glasses, and such. The large pocket is ideal for checkbook and other flat items.

On the back: 1 large pocket, zippered. I use it for receipts and other paperwork.

On the sides: 2 tall pockets, zippered. Yes, you can fit a standard water bottle in these pockets.

On the inside: A vast amount of space for my ginormous wallet and cosmetic bag, plus a "hidden" zippered pocket and two tall pockets (in which I keep hand sanitizer, lotion, mouthwash, and cologne). This main part of the purse is also zippered.

And I got the medium. I imagine you could use the large one as a weekender bag. I definitely will be purchasing this again in other colors and highly recommend it for people like me who hate trolling through their purses trying to find that one thing. Oh, and it's waterproof.
Very Pleased! I recommend - nice case as well.
Product was tight on around ankle
Pretty and comfortable to wear.
I love these tights! They are long enough on my long legs and the tummy control is great even when Im a little bloated. Quality and thick material and not see through! Great to wear casually, for lounging, for running and / or working out. Will be buying more colors! 57 and 165 and I ordered a large because I have some hips and booty!
exactaly what was ordered
For me the fit was somewhat small. The sunglasses are great and nice for driving or at the beach. Oakley sport sunglasses are the best.
Standard Champion product that I normally get in a store but these are a bit more snug for the size.