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I'm donating these socks after wearing them for a week. They were awful, way too small and very tight on my legs. I wear size 11 shoes, and purchased the 6-12 size socks. Very uncomfortable to wear.
Love them.
Great shorts, especially for the price!
I opened the package and the leather/vinyl had bubbles all over the outside of the box. The overall quality is crap.
I have worn this every day, all day for 5 months, It has held up perfectly!!!! It also looks beautiful with my engagement ring!! 10/10 would definitely recommend!!!!
Super comfortable and soft. Love how they look at fit. Not saggy in the back nor front. Lovely fit
good quality, fits well
Item is exactly as pictured. The material is thin, which is what i wanted. They're great soft cases
This sweatshirt is a good weight. It's not to thin or to heavy. Love the Kiwi color and I have had lots of people tell me
how much they like it too.
The first day I wore them one fell off. The clasp part wasn't tight enough and I'm afraid to bend them together for a tighter fit, it's pretty soft and I'm afraid they'll break completely.
I like the design of the material and pattern Thanks
Fairly nice shirt. Seems a bit longer than necessary, but at least it tapers at the bottom.
They were so great and warm. They keep my feet always stay warm. I really love them, and they worth what I paid for.
The socks themselves are great as far as quality goes, but the sizing is not correct. I have exactly a size 12 foot and the Large are TOO SMALL! Somehow the sock manufacturers have decided that only people with a size 7 or 10 foot are allowed to wear socks that fit properly. If you have exactly a size 12 foot like myself, you are forced to either cram your foot into a sock that is stretched to its maximum point, or else you have to wear a sock that is designed to fit a size 14 and ends up floppy in the toes. I have a suggestion for sock manufacturers. HAVE SOME OVERLAP IN YOUR SIZING! MAKE SIZES 7-10, 9-12, 11-14, ETC..., SO THAT THOSE OF US WITH A FOOT THAT IS EXACTLY IN THE MIDDLE OF TWO SIZES CAN WEAR YOUR SOCKS TOO! I'm tired of not being able to find socks that fit. I have one pair of these socks in a 12.5+ that I wore yesterday on a 10 mile hike, and because they are just a little too big, my foot slides around. I can't get my foot into the next size down.
Good product
I did an excellent job of holding my pants up.
Bulliant built a better mousetrap , except instead of catching mice it holds up your pants , but if it did had to catch mice itd do it better than a regular belt.
This was a Christmas gift and they loved them
I bought these as a gift for a friend, but I think I might keep them for myself. I was hoping they would be a good quality, but for the price, these are a fantastic quality! Each set came packaged together, which was nice. They will fit on smaller or larger arms. The bracelets look exactly as they are shown to look in the product description. The detail on the smaller pieces is very intricate. I am so impressed, and I'll probably have to buy more.
They are t-shirts. Nothing fancy but they fit true to size, are nice and soft, and most importantly, they are cheap.

Good purchase
Christmas gifts
Love it!!!
the cloth is just fine,the fitting tho is somewhat large on the legs for my partner.he's waist is 42 but the legs are not fat nor skinny.and the behind....we'll fit both,lot's of room.
Purse is very well made and pretty. Think it will be a good one.
Do to the fact that there weren't any other images of the hat from different angles, I was disappointed when it arrives and found out that the rear was mesh. I have no use for it now because I can't wear that style hat at work.