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They do what they are suppost to do. The only downside is that they leave a little smug where they touch the glasses, but they do come with a microfiber towel to clean both the lenses and your glasses. It is also a little confusing on how to size them correctly. I would get a size bigger than what you measure so there are no gaps.
I absolutely love this product. Immediately helped with my swelling.
I bought 5 pairs of these Jean's, 2 of them ripped at the back pocket. Theres a hole about 5 inches long, the one pair ripped just from me getting out of my car, I am not happy at all with the quality of these jeans, and wrangler usually has a good quality stitching.
In a market flooded with horrible-quality Chinese shades and absolutely pompous and dishonest Kickstarters promising world-class shades at an affordable price brands like BNUS are a *much* welcome sight. I bought these as per a friend's recommendation and I'm quite frankly impressed. Excellent quality and careful craftsmanship. Top quality brand-name lenses, sturdy frame materials and solid great looks! Overall, you simply cannot go wrong with a pair of these.
My Covid-19 mask. If I have to wear something, gonna make it uncomfortable for everyone. Ok, rant over...

Pretty good for usability for what it is. Aesthetically it's exactly what I wanted. You probably need to buy several if you're going to use them often because the elasticity tapers off after 5-10 wearings (I lost my first one before I could wash it).

With that, if you need something to get into a store, I highly recommend.
It fit great & looks great. Awesome shirt!
defected item
Nice wallet fits a lot of cards. Only had a few weeks holding up fine. Don't think the RFID blocking works. I keep my work badge in it and it scans perfectly fine inside the wallet.
Its very long , zipper gets stuck too
Feels like they arent event there...very slipping at all
Very good quality material. Great deal for a dozen pairs.
They might work for other people but they sure dont work for me. They feel big, heavy and clumsy and gave me a headache within five minutes of wearing them. Theyre going in the next donation to charity too hard to return.
Rejected by my teenager because there are no pockets. NO POCKETS!!!
Saw a friend wearing something similar to this (but a $100 brand name version). This looks just the same at a fraction of the cost. Super happy with it. Looks way more lux than it is!
NIce shirt. Fit is good. I will order more.......It does seem to wrinkle easy tho...
great fit comfortable
I think Carhartt is one of those lesser known secrets for the purposes of casual men's clothing. I know that they are in a certain niche for work wear, but I love them for everyday wear. You cannot beat the quality for the money anywhere.
These are my boyfriends go to...he says they are the most comfortable. I bought these as a stocking stuffer for him. He likes them!
Bought this for my sister she loved it!
These dresses are cute and the colors are bright. They have held up well to several washes without any shrinking. They are lightweight and perfect for the summer.
Great product, very lightweight and comfortable to use. Came late because of the current situation, but the seller was very helpful. I highly recommend!
Cute and perfect size. Customer service was great when I had an issue. Really like this bag
They are super cute a great deal and my daughter loves them! They are a little big but my daughter is tiny.
Perfect bag to store a husband's, "Honey can you put this in your purse" crap :)
Granddaughter wants more.
If you pull the size adjustment strap to tighten the fit, the two sides of the brim twist up or down in opposite directions. This is partly because the brim is too stiff. Also, attaching the side brims to the push-buttons on the side of the top twists the brim in opposite directions. This too is because the brim is too stiff. It's not a bad hat if you don't need to tighten the fit or attache the side brims. I discarded mine.
Women's sweatshirts are all over the place in terms of design, and I just want a plain old sweatshirt, no frills or glitter. A man's small hit the spot. I wish more colors were available in small, but I guess other women are also cashing in on this bargain.