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I like that it is small, not bulky, and holds just my important cards and information.
Me encanto
The tint is not too dark but dark enough. The size was perfect and I love the cushion material on the clips that fit against the lenses and they seemed to be staying attached. Usually these will not stay attached so congratulations on the way these stay attached.
no complaints
Is a little larger than a regular cap. Fits similar to trucker style cap
Good summer shade.
These earrings have some type of coating on them that wears off after a week or so. They turned our ears black and caused irritation and infection. If you have sensitive ears, buy something else.
It seems well built. Doesn't have a "Genuine Leather" branding mark on it or whatever. For the price, I am happy with it. I'm sure it will be my wallet for the next 5+ years!
Dont be fooled by the photo: beads are much smaller then they appear
great bargain posts are tiny for big fingers
This is the second order for me.
I purchased two 3 packs.
The shirts THIS TIME were thinner, as in gauzy.
They washed and dried to a small. wrinkly mess.
VERY disappointed! I would return my order, but already washed and dried them.
Sorry, a huge rip off.
MK Wilson
Wow,this wallet smells like strong mildew and chemicals!It seriously stunk up my house.I can't believe this was sent smelling this way.Sadly it will be going in the garbage,as airing it out was a failure,and it is too expensive to ship back.Total waste of money!!
Love Levis
My husband had been looking for casual pants that fit. Remembering buying Dickies in the past for work, he had me order him 2 pairs. These are great! He says so comfortable and they look nice too.GREAT!!!
Veeeery small. Description on the Costa Website says Medium but these are a small fit for sure. Stay away if you have even a slightly large head. Love love love my Costas but these are too small
I haven't had the wallet for long, and I put my most used credit card in the ID slot. The stain on the wallet is already starting to fill the crevices and dye my RFID chip. It's causing some issues and takes a few tries to get working. It's also a little difficult to get cards out of this wallet if you have a few in there. But, at the same time if you don't have it packed they'll fall out of the wallet. On a positive note, it hasn't ripped like other wallets I've purchased off here.

Next time I get a wallet I'm just buying a metal case or buying in person.
Coming from an experienced piercer it is good quality but not hypoallergenic, most definitely not 18k Gold plated if it is its poorly plated. I have sensitive ears and I bought this originally to replace the ones I had on, only lasted a few hours until my ears went into a full allergic reaction to the metal. Maybe I just got a bad set but these werent it sorry! :(
The coloring is rubbing off. I only had it for four days. It is a cute bag, just not worth 29.99. Glad I got mine during the lightening deal....not an every day bag
Thats awesome, Im working as plumber and wears from 7 am to 7 pm . Very clean and dry foot
Highly recommend! We live in wisconsin, and this worked great this winter!
Got exactly what I get.
Hated the cheap look.
The price was right and the quality was great
I had old Champion heavy double dry socks that were great. These were a cheaper Champion. One washing they look old already. Do your homework. Pay for a better sock
My producy broke 2 days after having and it changed color.
birthday present.
Small, but nice
Beautiful definitely authentic!
These are light - My only issue is that the back pockets are very sewn up and cannot be released