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Gets dirty real easy and hard to get clean but feels really good to wear.
Just love it.
This shirt is significantly more pink than it appears in the photo - more like bubblegum. Unfortunately, time for away from me and I didn't get it returned :(
As I expected
Let me AEO jeans.... Love them
Love them
I love these glasses, they're cheap, lightweight, polarized, and with a metal frame they are durable too. Things to take into account is they include the extra hardware/screwdriver for a reason, the screws will back out and if you have threadlock handy it wouldn't be a bad idea for longevity's sake. Also to note: chlorine will take the polarized coating off so beware of pools.

Yet even with slight issues I still buy them. Why? Because they're affordable but still durable. They are exactly worth the $12 or so and they are the quality of a more expensive pair, it's that simple.
Ugliest pants I've ever purchased. The back pockets are nearly sewn on the sides. Hideous! Do not buy these!
Great for those cold nights when your pledging allegiance to the dark lord. When the black robes just dont keep you warm enough add this beanie to your collection would buy again 10/10
Some of the best skivies i have owned. Very comfortable and light weight. Quite pleased.
Great quality boxer briefs. Extremely comfortable, functional and women love the look.
These are great. Fit as expected and super comfortable.
A little smaller than I thought
These are the same hanes shirts that I've been buying from the store for many years. If you've bought Hanes plain white tees in a store before and liked them, then rest assured these are the ones you're looking for.

There seems to be a lot of negative reviews on here complaining about how thin the fabric is but that's ridiculous. Of course it's thin... These aren't shirts you wear to go out for the evening. They're undershirts, or shirts you wear around the house and then use as a rag after you've worn it out. I don't know what those people were expecting honestly.
These save my husband from having to slather up with sunscreen before going out to do yard work. Even in the hot Georgia summers, he didn't complain about wearing these.
Awesome fit and style. Will buy more.
I got this for my 4 year old son he loves it not because he can use any of the features but because it looks cool!
They can be worn everyday and as dress socks.
Good fit, light weight,looks good.
Love the color and the fit.
The hat fits well and provides allot of protection from the sun. Took it on a trip to Spain and it held up nicely. The only problem is that one definitely does stand out in a crowd wearing this type of headgear. The stitching could be a little better as it has started to de-thread. Expected it to be made better but for what it is- its okay- probably will last for one more vacation next year.
I love my new purse will definitely order more
Good work shorts; waist a little snug.
This produce is your typical wallet. What's not to like?
The Buffway wallet is well made, well designed, and quite affordable. I have been using slim (credit card) wallets for 25 years and this is the best one so far. Buy it - you won't be sorry
I've had these before and I really like them they fit just fine they wash well
I bought these for my boyfriend. He's obsessed with them because they're soft. I'm obsessed with them because the fabric is very lightweight and drapes beautifully around his dick.
Subpar quality. Two pairs ripped after one washing. Should be labeled dispose after first wear. Do not purchase.
Comfy fit