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Great quality product for a great price, has held up well with concrete work and lots of washing
Best purse I have ever bought! Wow the quality is amazing I love it so much! I got the yellow bag its beautiful great size bigger inside than it looks! I will be buying another when I need a new bag!
Wonderful quality pearls. Goes extremely well with plain dresses and looks chic and stylish. Pearls are a bit big in size but that is what the look is about. Long necklace to wrap around 3 times easily.
I bought these for my daughter, and she loves them. She says they are light and comfortable and are the quality you expect from Ray Ban.
Best leggings ever! So comfortable and I love all the pockets
Good quality and comfortable
If you have a wide or big head like myself, these are the shades you need to buy. They're the best looking Oakleys I've purchased.
We've washed them three times and they are still stiff and wrinkly. We always but 501's, but this pair was too stiff...
It has all the features you need to grab and go for a day out of shopping or traveling.
I'd been using a tri-fold like a rolodex for the last few years, and it threw my hip out. This baby fits what I NEED with plenty of slots for cards, and looks very stylish. Most importantly- it's flat and so far it's holding up well! An excellent find!
Cheap looking. I agree the price was low but I expected more from the quality.
When I first got it thought it was big but when I tried it it fits great
As expected
My husband loves the way Carhartt clothing fits. The hoodie is comfortable and is now one of his new favorites!
I love this necklace, I get so many compliments when I wear it.
They fit fine but if it's a specific way the seams rub. Soft fabric but there is so much stitching in the front and sides if something isn't right you're going to feel the seams esp if you're cut. I got them for jogging and they aren't comfortable enough to use.
My daughter literally never takes this off! She swims in it but loves it!
Wonderful, very well made, very strong and durable!
The product is as advertised, great fit. I have used Hanes underwear for many years and been very satisfied. I would
recommend these products to my friends.
Took me several days of struggling and my piercings bleeding to finally get these secured in my ears. They do look cute, but even with the help of others theyre near impossible to close (as expected from jewelry this small)
Great socks for running, and I find myself wearing them all the time really. They breathe well and are lighter than previous running socks I've used. Fun colors as well. You won't regret this purchase.
I liked the product, but I returned it because I wasn't happy with the way it fit over my glasses. I gave it 4 stars, because it seemed like a good product that just didn't fit my application.

The goggle lens is spaced a fair amount away from the face, but it's curved more than my glasses are, so that even though my frames are small, their outside edge made light contact with the goggle lens. Compared to others, my frame is fairly straight across and the lens is fairly long horizontally, so you might not have this issue.

I was able to bend my glasses frame so it would fit more tightly to my face and clear the google lens. This worked okay, but I found them a little less comfortable when I wasn't wearing the googles. I'm not planning on using the goggles every day, so I thought this trade-off wasn't worth it. I decided to try to find an option that would work better for me.
I bought this to replace the same bag in red Ive had for several years. On that one, the clips to hook the strap are on opposite sides of the bag, which better distributes the weight. The photo on Amazon showed one clip on one side, so I assumed it would be the same. However, both clips are on the same side. Thats disappointing and I will call to see if I got mismade item, but Ill be keeping the bag because it was a good price.
This wallet looks great! Looks sleek! Looks fashionable! Looks functional!
Quality! Good ol made in the USA-10 pair for a little over twenty bucks great deal..
Great product and delivery of product was fast
They were fine.