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I ordered these for my spouse since he got a promotion and his dress requires a tie. He is very pleased with the colors and 3 free ties clips that came with ties. Since the ties were not expensive he was impressed with the quality. We like the storage bag that come with them. Very nice.
I love that the description of the belt actually included the overall length along with the suggested waist size. My son's waist is 26" and this belt fits him perfectly (2 inches extra material, just enough to go through 1 belt loop). I ordered the x-small, so if you want room to grow, I would go up 1 size. Overall the quality appears to be good, but the belt has only been in use for 1 week.
Awesome, Great quality.
I recently dropped a few pants sizes but still liked some of my old jeans so belts were a must. I have never really had a belt that felt nice, or one that I didn't have to constantly adjust. I wanted something simple that I wouldn't really notice I was wearing. My go to was the canvas style belts, but still these even needed constant adjusting. They were also kind of flimsy and would fold into themselves . I was looking for something tactical as I was always on the move, fiddling with my pants was a common annoying occurrence.

Came in box with the company contact info, also states there is a two year warranty with this belt, when I pulled it out of the box, it definitely looked and felt like it would outlive that warranty. Solid material no frays or anything. very clean. Metal buckle is small and low profile. Adjusting was easy and took only seconds! The end of the extra strap for adjusting the size is secured by a stretchy nylon ring so it sticks to the rest of the belt keeping its low profile look.
The buckle releases INSTANTLY with ease by squeezing the two gold buttons, definitely a time saver. When clicked back together it makes a SUPER satisfying click that just screams tactical. This is the first belt where I had total control over the tightness, I found that perfect hold and locked it in. I did a test walk and was amazed, the belt stays exactly the way you set it and doesn't budge one bit. It also didn't make my pants waist bunch up like the canvas belt did. Very comfortable when I sit or lay down, I don't feel it digging into my waist like other belts did. For everything else but a formal event I believe this will be the last belt ill have to buy. Great for anyone who has a daily commute that involves a lot of walking. My pants slipping is one less problem I have to worry about.

To loop the belt around you do have to pass the whole metal buckle through the loops which I had ZERO problem doing as the buckles almost match the size of the strap. I followed the size guide and its accurate. I tried to find something I didn't really like and couldn't find one. For the price it seems well worth it based on the quality. If you want a solid minimal no nonsense belt this is the one.
What a scam. These are literally just clear lenses. I looked at some blue light tests online and its the same with them on and off. Please dont buy these.
Light and comfortable. Excellent all around.
I love it
Have had these earrings less than a week and lost a back already! Very upsetting! They are screw on backs and should not come off on there own! Be careful if you're buying for an actual infant!
Good quality tee's for a good price.
They are comfortable
Use this for hiking and riding bikes. Work great and really like that the shield can be roll up and stored in the hat. Comfortable and style is nice.
Great sunglasses, high quality.
Fits better and cotton is softer than my last pack I purchased at a dollar store. They still run just a little small.
Great handbag
I needed shirts without buttons.

These are just right.

R. Krueger
Good quality and function, just what I was looking for.
Lighter weight material than expected, but satisfactory for the money.
Awesome socks! We have polished concrete floors and these socks are fabulous for wearing around the house.
Love these shorts. I have worn size 44, 42, and now done to 40....can 38 be far away.
I used to love these glasses but the last 2 pairs have cracked at the top of the frame. One while putting them on and the other just sitting in the car. The return window has closed and I can't return this second pair now. Guess I'll have to buy proper glasses now that aren't cheap.
As expected.
Looks great, fits great. Getting lots of compliments.
My first pair of 501s and I am very pleased. Normally I'd prefer to buy them in a store but 29x34 can never be located when I look.
Can't go wrong with these, quality to expect from Levi's. The only thing I hate is that little tag above the back right pocket that sort of hangs off the stitching, scissors fixed it right up though.
Super thin. Can see tattoos through shirt. Fit is good.
They have thin rubber strips on the inside heel area to prevent them form slipping. Brilliantly thought!!
Wallet was clean and nice, just as described.
Love them until I lost them inside of a zip car. They never helped out with lost and found. I still miss them.
This is the first pair of long underwear I bought since the 1980s. I only wear them during winter power outages and ski trips, so the last ones lasted a long time.

The quality seems of the material seems to have declined a bit. These are less warm and probably won't last as long. But not unsatisfactory.

What's unsatisfactory is that they are about 8 feet long. What the h? Were the garment workers playing some kind of a joke when they made these or are these marketed primarily to the NBA?
top and bottom was not stiched and raw cut fabric. cannot use product. maybe worth $1. nothing i saw said joe young. apprears to be a cheap knock off.
I like these funky little socks.