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My daughter loves these
Boxers or briefs? Cotton or Silk? Silk or Microfiber?

There are a lot more options in men's underwear than one might expect. My own preferences are boxers and cotton. I have some Calvin Klein underwear that I really like and to be honest a lot more than this one. Surprisingly, even though these are almost entirely not like my #1 choice, these turned out to be far more comfortable than I expected. They fit a bit more snugly than I prefer. And although I prefer cotton to silk, I definitely prefer silk to microfiber. So theoretically I should hate these. But surprisingly I really liked these a lot. Not as much as my favorite boxers, but still, I liked these a lot. I don't see myself switching to microfiber. I like it for a lot of things, but underwear? No.

Still, if you like snug fitting stretch underwear you might love this. If you prefer loose-fitting (though not baggy) cotton underwear you might find these a bit clingy. When I do my laundry, I tend to put my least favorite underwear at the bottom of my drawer and my favorite at the top. These won't be going at the bottom of my drawer, but they'll be close. But I want to stress again that this is based strictly on my personal preferences. If you are a briefs guy instead of boxers, factor that in. Ditto if you like silk rather than cotton; or silk-like stuff. In other words, excellent underwear, for the right person.
Fits great good quality
This definitely wasn't what I expected. It's just two metal plates with a rubber band.
quality is poor, one step up from a dollar store item.
I am very impressed with this purse cant beat a deal for 4 like this.
really like the color and texture of the wallet, the zipper is much sturdier than the wallet I had before, I use zippered wallet because I'm in construction and dirt, dust etc. wreck the magnetic strips on my cards, haven't had a problem since I started using this type,This is my 3rd one, and they last quite a while
Buena calidad pero demasiado caro
You get what you pay for. I like fluorescent UV reactive colors so bright lime/yellow was my choice. The color on day one is bright in blacklight so i liked that But, the shirts are gildan brand and are thin. Thinner than any shirt I own and I did not feel comfortable wearing it today.
Well made a good fit, and comfortable.
If it were not for the RFID I would go back to my older wallet. I started look for a replacement that would not be as bulky. the Travelambo is advertised as thin and RFID. Turned out it is bulkier after the same items were removed from my old wallet that was a Christmas give from my young daughter.
Worked for the purpose that I bought if for.
Smaller than i thought, but i still like it and like how it looks on me
Very cute but broke on me but I will buy another one
I was pleased to find out how well the fit and the quality. Great buy but everyone reminds me that I was not in aviation. I recommend for a reasonable price. It would be a great gift to give any person that is in the outdoors. I hope I don't sit on them, like I usually do.
Love these
Fit perfectly
Grand daughter loves it
Gift for my sister. She loved it.
I like the sleek look. It is a little difficult to get the cards out of the slots on the left. It says that it will hold a phone in the pouch on the right side. I think it is a tight fit for that as well. But this serves its purpose for me and I like it much better than what I had before.
Not worth it
In a world of plastic lenses and cheap frames it is so refreshing to get a nice quality pair of solidly built sunglasses!!!
It is so chic. I really enjoying my beautiful Clutch Wallet
Purse is really cute but the links on the chain just keep breaking
Very thin. Only 2/16 inch wide.
Very disappointed. Thought it would have a bit more substance.
very light weight feels like even there super clear vision and they look great as well im very well pleased with them. even comes with carrying case too.
This gift was given to my husband for Christmas. He wore it recently and it looks great on him , and fits him perfectly.

I noticed the same polo in maroon and white stripes s in his closet. It looks classy on him, so I believed that the navy and white striped one would also. It does!

Thank you
Fit perfectly and didn't slip down the back of my foot.