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They were great I bought Them to wear
i really like the feel of this cap, great for working out and outdoor activities
These masks/bandanas feel very high quality with its silky texture. Nothing to complain about, they work & perform for anything I need them to do. Great buy.
Item arrived as promised and on time. These microfiber sunglasses/glasses cases are the perfect size to fit my sunglasses and protect them in my purse or glovebox. I'm very happy with my purchase.
Feel like air I love them...for a big guy you will be happy!!!!!
I am only giving this product because I have to. The shoulder strap unstitched and fell off while I was using the bag on vacation the first time I used it. I had to throw it away and by another one while out.
Great size and materials but it needs to be broken in. At the beginning it's really stiff and you can barely take the cards out but after a few days it's more accessible.

The down side of it it's that if you put in more than 4 cards you have trouble pulling your money out, a string to pull the money out would be awesome. Over all a good practical wallet.
perfect ,Surely recommended
Nice quality, great price.
This is a Christmas gift. The quality is great. Looks as good as the expensive
Hoodie. Wow did I save money. Fast delivery Thanks
Pros: Nice, simple, stylish bag.
Cons: It wont be comfortable with too many stuff in it.
Bought these for my father for Christmas. Got them a few days after due to waiting until last minute to order them. He received them on the 31st, and they were broke by the 3rd. Poor quality. I will be trying another brand for him.
Way smaller than other medium carhartt shirts. Too bad I tossed the tags.
Waiting for product. Had in the past, expecting great results. Replacing after 3 years.
Would have rcvd IF DRIVERS DELIVERED AS INSTRUCTED. Stolen off my front steps, requested and on label says deliver to rear door. Constant problem with Driver
The dog-tag is a nice-looking piece, however it feels a bit heavy around the neck, I would have preferred it a bit lighter, but other than that it's fine...
i got these for my best friend as a graduation gift for a high school graduation gift and she love them so much and thought it was cute and love the bag it cames in great for keeping them in them when not wearing them and she love the bag it came with. this makes a great gift for a friend or best friend to show how you love them
I like them
This is a super idea. However, it only fits 3-4 keys even with extender and does not fit any oversized keys. We could not use it unless we got our large keys re-keyed. Not worth it.
They are ankle length socks; wear them daily in the summer. No complaints.
One of the only sweatpants that I could find that fit my tall and skinny son.
These were way too big, and the leg holes were huge. They seemed to be well-made, but these were definitely not for me.
Classic 569 fit.
I've had the wallet for about 2 weeks now, I can't say enough good things! The smell of leather when I opened the package was a nice bonus, The window to the ID slot is actually big enough to see my whole state ID. I Initially felt like all the pockets were extremely tight, I was worried it would be a challenge to get my cards out but after about 24-48 hours with my cards in the slots the leather had molded and getting cards out is a breeze. The money clip feels very sturdy and secure, way more than my last two wallets, which had a similar design.
Love them
fit and feel right.
Given as gifts, wasn't sure or country of origin but they were received well.