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Bad, broke the second time, spend 40$ fixing it
I got my package today, I was very impressed with the quality of this product, when you feel them you notice they are a tad thicker than other socks. They fit great
I like the way one can cut it to the size exact size a person needs and adjust it during the time one wears it. But... you need to make sure that it's cut at the right point; otherwise it may be too short. Unfortunately yours truly cut it a bit too short :<( .
Just what my man wanted!!!
I have received many compliments on the pattern. It was not exactly what I wanted but definitely love all the pockets!
Nice hat. Tag is in an odd spot so even if cut off you can still see it.
Looks just as it did in the photo. Amazing fit and the metal clasp is pretty sturdy
These are well constructed shorts. Nice heavy cotton, nice waist band. There was one fit issue for me (not the shorts fault) where I bought a XXX Large set of Russell shorts that ended up fitting a little too large so I got these in XX large thinking there would be good to go and found out that The Russell's actually are larger than advertised and these fit right which is of course a little too small for me. The only real issue I had with these is the draw string. It is a single closed loop that is not easy to tie so I will have to cut it to be able to get a normal bow tie I can adjust securely. I recommend this product.
Exactly as pictured! Soft, warm, thick, and I love the name brand!
The straps hold onto one side of the bag not the two ends like a normal purse so it tilts a little when weight is in bag. The straps are not as durable as believed. My dog got to it and chewed through the whole strap just a tiny metal string barely holds it yogether.
Excellent quality
Great product.
I like it, I can get the belt to fit just right where its snug.
Shipped fast. Cute. My daughter loves it.
Highly recommend
Nice quality and is very slim
Fit good,comfortable
just as described..large and a bit heavy very good quality.
Smaller than my last set of Hanes, material seems thinner.
I purchased these tshirts for my son who is 5'4 1/2" and about 125 lbs. I ordered the size small. When they arrived they were like a dress on him. I washed them in hot water and then dried them. They shrunk a little. They were a good price for 6 tshirts.
For the price wallet is wonderful.
I purchased these for my daughter as a Christmas gift. I would not normally spend this much money on a pair of sunglasses (neither would she). However, she says that these are worth the money. Great quality and comfort. Springs on the hinges are quality and she doesn't worry about them breaking.
Comfortable and fits nice.
Exactly what I needed
Im confused as to what in the actual hell the product description on the box says??... Comfortable shirtless sleved product itchy is it kinda. Thats about how the description is...
Beautiful necklace, made of steel so it will last forever and under $30. What more could you ask for in a high quality piece of jewelry?
Just what I needed thank you.
because of the way the front sections are placed it will NEVER sit upright as shown, it always falls forward, no matter how little you put in the front.