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There was more than enough card holders and the space for cash and change is more than sufficient. Although the size was good the weight was light. I am also happy with the color
Husband likes the fit and wears them ever day. (I bought 3 pair)
I love this product!!!
Best value anywhere
Fits well, waterproof, nice
The fabric is too stiff for casual wear, perhaps better for industrial workers. Nothing relaxing about them more like cardboard.
so comfortable and warm. :)
My son loves it he says its perfect the material dont shrink and the color dont run
Nice multi-pack saves money and quick delivery
This is the most comfortable hoodie that I currently own and I own about 10 so far. I feel super great to sleep in if you wear this by itself. If you have somebody that likes to steal your hoodies like a girlfriend or wife you better buy two of these.
They fit small on my son.
These earrings are SO pretty!!! They are very sparkly and always make a statement. Definitely worth it!
They turn colors I couldnt keep them on daily or at night
It was exactly what I was looking for, I love all the pockets inside and the secret pocket for my cell phone.
I lost my last pair so I am purchasing another, the only "bad" thing is they are so light they do not stay in my collar when I take them off. My wife even likes them and she is very picky about sunglasses.
Love them
This wallet is absolutely perfect with exceptional quality! The double-sided window flap is the best. Instead of my husband trying to pull out his driver's license and military ID out of the same slot, he can now just flip the window flap over to show both with ease. Most wallets only have one window that is not on a flap and not very big making it difficult to pull out ID cards when needed. These slots are tight enough to hold onto the cards preventing it from falling out yet are big enough for my husband to be able to easily pull out his ID cards when needed. He has had this wallet for a while now and is very pleased with it. The material hasn't scuffed or worn out of which has been very easy for my husband to do with other wallets. The plastic on the window flap hasn't stretched out or torn, the stitching hasn't shown any sign of coming loose, and it fits perfectly in his back pocket. His wallets he had in the past were always bulky after he put all of his cards in and anything else he carries making it hard to sit and honestly cause problems with his hips due to being similar to sitting on a big rock. This wallet here is wide and long enough to hold all of his cards and more while staying absolutely comfortable in his pocket. I can go on and on about this wallet for it has so many pros and no cons whatsoever. I recommend this wallet 100% and encourage you to purchase it. You will not regret it whatsoever. It is absolutely perfect!
The back of the ear ring is tooo long. If I put them in they stick the back of my ear!!!
These were a gift to my husband and he loves them! They even came with a protective case (which is a necessity with my husband!)
Awesome !!! This necklace very beautiful, high quality a good buy. I'm glad I purchased this.
best out ther for the price fit good looks good feels good must be good and yeah i love it
Great quality and material, cool look, I love these things and will order more. No way I'm putting holes in these for a long time, and they're great for running.
Son loved them. Used for work daily outside. Says they are super comfortable and he looks great wearing them.
Gets the job done but kinda heavy around the neck for me....almost bulky. And, after about 2 weeks of daily wear the ends come apart and the string comes out of the rubber that attaches to your glasses. Didn't like that to much since my glasses cost almost 400 bucks. Glad it was a set of 5 so I could toss the broke one for another one
Hard to wear if you have cuts into armpits! If you adjust it much tighter than it came out of the package the hasps turn up longways.
Standard in my wardrobe. One pair's waistband is already a little scrunched up.
Great glasses no glare
I spent some time looking for a good basic hat, I found a couple but their quality tends to be pretty bad. However, this hat is made very well and has so far stood the test of time and its fair share of beatings. Either my head is a little to large or their large runs a little small, but it still fits well.
As always - Kangol is a perfect fit and keeps my 'bald' head dry, and sun free - with great style I might add! I've been purchasing Kangol Hats for years and will continue to do so!
Bought this for my wife's birthday and she really loves it. She goes to a lot of meetings and has a lot of papers and notebooks to lug around and this is the perfect size. The leather seems to be soft and craftsmanship is very good. The first meeting she took it to her friends said "wow, he(referring to me) got that for you all by himself". So I figure they all liked it pretty well. So happy wife, happy life. I have no complaints.