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Good fit, comfortable fabric, attractive, and prompt delivery. Great overall experience.
I ordered these in a size S hoping that it would fit my build and sit snug under my dress shirts. I wear a 14.5 and 32 or 33 at the sleeves. The fit is loose enough that the creases from having another shirt underneath are visible. On top of that, the collar is sometimes visible or sits just right depending on the dress shirt. Overall decent for what you pay for but looks like I'll be having to shop for a higher quality and thus more expensive set of undershirts.
As advertised.
I like it
Just got these and they're perfect. Got the exact same pair a few years ago from Sunglass Hut for a lot more. Just be careful with them. Have broken the last pair multiple times and repaired under Maui Jim warranty.
Feels nice.
I have bought one of these types of belts several months back and it has been great. I decided to get one in a different color. This one was in the "Deal of the Day" section so I bought it. It came the same day, thanks Amazon! It came in nice packaging. Unfortunately, it is falling apart on the 2nd use. It does not slide into the buckle smoothly. The other ratchet type belt that I have slides much more smoothly. I will be trying to return this.
This product is great, comfortable, and easy to breath. Doesnt get hot after wearing for so long.
Great product the ice is real in the chain is long
I found these boxer briefs to be very supportive and as comfortable as most underwear in this class. These can feel a bit course at first but do get very comfortable after a few users. It sucks that you need to wear them a few times for them to reach maximum comfort but I feel it was worth it. I didn't have any issues with creep while running which is always good.
So far so good. No complaints and I like the various color combinations so I can coordinate with my cloths.
Cheap fabric and was bent. Wasnt able to flatten. Returned item.
Good sizing 100% adequate
Quality leather, perfect fit for a lot of credit cards. Not too small like a lot of wallets out there.
Exactly what I expected . Looks better than the coach wallet I bought from the outlet a few years ago! 10/10 would buy again once this one wears out.
Lovely and clasp is solid and sturdy. Ill likely order more pairs!
Not holding up to washes like my other blacks. 3 stars :/
Expected to be a little bigger, to small for a man
Great work socks
Too small doesn't really describe it but it's as close as can get. Got these based on an old pair that are super comfortable. No more. Front too long, back too short resulting in a most uncomfortable fit. These do not qualify for "relaxed fit".
I had expected to keep losing weight, so went with medium. First run they were a little small, but I did not think anything of it. Running was causing a bit of discomfort, and like most I think, I just kept going. When I got home I noticed I'd abraded Richard enough to cause bleeding.

Bottom line: get the right size.

I've had no issues since, although I'm still reluctant to go much further than 8 miles in these....
This is the first time wearing these socks. So far, so good. After walking in them a couple hours, including the treadmill, they haven't slid off my heels. They fit as expected. The sole, toe and heel of the sock has thicker fabric than the upper instep area. This keeps my foot from heating up too much, although in all fairness it is only Spring now. I don't know how these will feel during our hot, humid southern summer weather. But that's what flip-flops and sandals are for.
Overall good. One exception a shirt had a small hole just below the neckline (so it cannot be used)
These yellow shades do cut night time glare, but are not 100% effective. I still have glare after cataract surgery I doubt I'd buy them again.
I have 26 inch thighs and a 33 inch waist. I usually wear size 30 pants but they never fit my leg. I had to size up to 32 on these jeans but they fit my thighs well.
Color was not as advertised-- red wallet was actually an orange color & business cards do not fit
Five Stars for socks... Yes.. They're that comfortable.
Ive had these for two months and use them to drive everyday/night. First, Im very impressed by the quality of the glasses, they feel like $200+ Oakleys. They really do help with brightness from other headlights and reduce eye strain at night. I definitely recommend.