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It's a bit wide. Doesn't fit through belt loops in my levi's./
Excellent ! Not believe the quality worth nore than the money
I love this bar Chain! wow! is so well made and the box is came in, very very impressed and will order another to give it to my girlfriend for a gift. this does not look at all like a $17 necklace at all this looks like a $100 or more seriously! super happy with this purchase. In love
Have held up to many washings and have not faded or lost shape. I feel like this was a good value
These are the best Calvin Klein mens underwear to get for sure!
Buy it. If these were ray bans, these would be $200 easy.
I really liked the design of this bag, but one of the biggest reasons i bought it was for the crossbody strap. After a week and a half, it snapped off of the purse. Then, i used the small straps and theyre WAY TOO SMALL in my opinion. Would not recommend.
I love it. Tried it on. And it feels amazing on the face. will only use it for work good for work as well.
Always loved Merino wool. Socks fit nice and are comfortable as all Merino wool products are.
Love it
2nd pair! Great shades
What can I say? Just good, basic jeans.
These are very comfortable and the drawstring they stay up with no problem.
totally worth it for the price! love it!
Perfect leggings
Very cute. As pictured.
Nice length should fit almost anyone
Got here in 30hours and on a Sunday too boot thanks :)
Finish is coming off after little use!
Got these for my daughter who is in a wheelchair and they were PERFECT. Comfortable and look nice on her too!!!
Looks like real leather,good size,and very good for the price
My daughter in law loves it!!
I bought two of these belts. I liked them so much that I bought two more.
They are easy to modify to fit my waist. Cut off the excess length, wave the cut end over a flame to melt any loose threads (I used a burner on our gas stove) and you are ready to go. My only recommendation is to cut off less the first time. You can always trim off more later after you wear it a while.
It is not heavy and fits comfortably. It is infinitely adjustable, so I can always get the right fit regardless of the thickness of the shirts and pants I wear. It is sturdy and I expect it to last a long time. The extra buckle is nice insurance.
I have been wearing them for a couple of weeks and really like them.
Great belt for job with security port
A little hard to release and tighten but with a little practice it is ok now
The swimsuit is good quality and the prints adorable, but the bottoms are so small i would expect to see that cut on a teenager or older. Luckily my toddler wore a lifevest all summer swimming so you couldnt see the teeny weeny bottoms. I bought 2 different prints, one in bigger size just in case and they literally fit the same, except the top was a little baggy. Love the print but the makers need to rethink the sgape of the bottoms. Boyshort or even high rise would have me buying them every year.
Nice jeans.
i liked it but i honestly thought it would be cuter
I love these pants. My wife hates them. She says I look like a gangster because they're several sizes too big. They are but they're so comfortable. That's why belts were invented. There's a lot of high quality, well designed and sewn denim there and I love it. In fact, I love Levi's the way I love Toyota, Fender and Gibson. They just work well for me. They feel comfortable and, to me, look great. My wife thinks otherwise, but she expects me to dress like Pat Boone's grandpa. :)

Anyway, these are awesome and I regret ever buying anything other than Levi for casual wear.
I'm picky about purses--what woman isn't? They are either too big, too small. The straps too long, or too short. There are never enough pockets or there are so many you can't remember where you put anything. Buying a purse online is difficult. But you know that.

I was looking for very specific things:
-The Strap: I despise adjustable straps, so it had to be a set length but I'm tall (5'8") so that is a challenge in and of itself at times. This one is about an inch shorter than what I'd prefer, but it's workable and it stays on my shoulder.
-Pockets: As I said before I've never owned a purse that gets this right--but this one comes close. I wish the pockets on the ends were a bit more functional--however, my Galaxy S4 does fit snugly enough in them that I'm not afraid it will fall out. The zippered pocket on the outside is just the right size for holding cards, license and the never ending loose change. There are two pockets that are sewn into the inside without zippers and one zippered pocket inside--all of them are about the perfect size.
-The 'inners' in general: This is not a bottomless pit that many purses are now designed to be. How many times have you had to empty out your entire purse to find your keys? That wont happen with this purse. It's large enough to hold what I need it to hold without being so large that it allows me to keep EVERYTHING in it--which is good because I have a tendency to fill any purse to capacity!
-Shape: This has a very clean look to it. It's not sloppy and doesn't turn into a puddle of fabric when it's set down. The boat like shape allows for lots of storage, but makes it easier to find things.

Over all this may become my most favorite purse of all. I did remove 1 star for the strap length and while the inside isn't huge, I think I would have liked to have a divider that ran down the middle of the purse. But those are both things I can live with and get used to. The color was true to the picture, and the quality is definitely there. I had my doubts at first about the zipper but after a few weeks of using it everyday it's holding up great.

--------- Update at 18 months

I had to up my review by one star. You see, I recently received notification that LH had commented on my review (thanks!) and it made me curious. How long ago did I buy this purse? Over a year and a half. That's a long time for a purse--any purse--to hold up.

I still LOVE IT. I'm not a 'girly girl'. I don't switch out my purse to match my shoes or my outfit. For me a purse is a functional accessory, not a decoration. So what does that mean? It means that I have used this purse EVERY DAY over the last 550 days or so and it still looks great!

The two unzippered pockets inside haven't stretched out. The one zippered pocket on the inside hasn't developed a hole where all of my small items fall into the black hole between purse and liner. The outer pockets have held up as well.

It still doesn't turn into a puddle when I set it down. It still holds everything I need, with room for more. The main zipper has never malfunctioned or skipped.

When I first bought this purse, I was really skeptical. Mainly because of the price. Honestly, I've never spent that much on a purse before. This is a true case of getting your value worth! I can't say enough good things about this purchase.

All in all I plan on using this until it falls apart. And at the rate this is going, that will be a long, LONG time from now....

----In November of this year I will have had this purse for SIX years. It's showing it's age, it's a bit droopier now than it was--aren't we all? (HA!) and the seems are showing a bit of wear and tear. The liner is still intact, the zippers all work, the pockets haven't torn. I think I might die before this purse does!!!
I like the locket very much. I bought it as a gift for my mom. Ill have to update my review.