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Very good deal. Great fit
I like the styling
Husband loved it and wore it the day it arrived.
It says South Pole but they shipped some off brand product. And it came with a hole inside ofit. The quality of the jogger is okay but I just wish I got a product from the brand I already have trust in.
They are super cute!!
Really nice socks. Don't be "that guy" and wear knee high socks with shorts. These seem a little large but first wash/warm dry makes them shrink enough to barely stick above the line of the shoe.
I ordered this pullover for school because it fits our uniform policy. Its super comfy and warm for the winter months. However, if worn over a white shirt, the sweater will leave black lint all over it, so be careful. My mom put those shirts in the washing machine and it ruined the other shirts.
I have two other bags like this from a different seller they are great. The bag from this seller used the same pictures and description, however, the bag is poor quality. Nothing about this bag is nice. The material and hardware is cheap. Was expecting same as others, very disappointed.
These are comfortable because of the larger size. The socks are thick and cushining.
Should have gotten larger size
Very cute! Purse is well made and sturdy. Outside pocket holds my phone just fine. The inside is perfect for carrying essential items. Very happy with this purchase.
Good fit great colors
Great jeans and great cost.
everything is what I hoped for
Muy bonita y dura mucho
The large tall size that I bought makes no sense for its existence. This is a shirt designed for fat guys with a generous length to extend over your protruding belly. There aren't a lot of fat guys who wear Large. And to boot, I think these shirts use 1985 sizing. I have lots of large talls from other manufacturers, and none of them fit through the chest and waist as tight as these.

In looking at the neck and sleeves, it's clear that these are designed for fat guys. The sleeves are generous giving you plenty of room for your flabby arms. The neck is wide to comfortably accommodate your waddle. But then they size down the body by one size so you have to buy the next size up, just to remind you that you are a big man.

To be fair, I'm 6'6" 250, so I'm not a small man, but I've never had a problem with large talls before. I like them to fit a little tight, because I'm fairly lean. But I like them tight throughout (arms and neck included). These are very loose in the arms (and in the neck depending on the color you pick) and pretty tight in the chest. Makes no sense.

Sizing in inconsistent in the neck. I got some navy blue that have large necks and royal blue where the neck fit a little better.

Tags. Who is still putting tags in shirts? Every other shirt I've bought in the last five years screen prints the tags. But not these guys. Just one more reminder that you're wearing a "special" shirt made just for you.

Fabric quality seems good. Not as thick as some other shirts I've bought, but thicker than others.

Anyway, if you're a big man, get them. They're a good value. Just size up. If you're a trim man looking for a good-looking, tight-fitting shirt, take a pass on these.

They shrink. Fortunately, my navy ones are fitting a little better in the neck now that I've washed them. But, they're even tighter around the chest.

I'll keep them. The large talls are cheap (probably because no one wants them) and they look all right, they're just not the best fit I've ever had.
Everything I expected. The belt is genuine leather,not bonded leather. Worth the price.
Just the right size. holds what I need. Feels great.
Comfortable and fit fine but don't use the tag to orient, for some reason it's off to one side.
Nice socks.
Quality design distressed leather wrapped wallet. Strong magnetic force to maintain valuables. Ample storage for credit cards and ID. Highly recommended
Beautiful bag! Great quality, great hardware, perfect size, I love it!
This is a great value for the price. I'll buy a few of them. It fit as expected, and heavier than most hoodies.
Beautiful as pictured. Comes with professional looking protective case and cleaning cloth. Fits well.
The pictures showed a lens with matte black. I received the pair with glossy black.
They are socks, they fit and are comfortable