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I just received my wallet today and am very pleased with both the quality and appearance. The color was as advertised. My cards fit easily, but snug enough to stay put with routine wallet handling. I travel internationally and this gives me a little more peace of mind.
These are great for foot pain
This is not the old carhartt trucker hat that we know and love. They replaced the stiff front panels with a flimsy silk type material and it is HORRIBLE. Absolutely returning this product. It looks like a cheap knock off of the original hat. Could buy a better hat the dollar store and that is not a joke.
Fits our ten yr old perfectly underneath his lax helmet.
This new Oakley Frogskins Lite simply rocks. Also, in my opinion they are more stylish and elegant looking that the regular Frogskins.
Terrible material and NOT waterproof. As a mail carrier I need it often, but I only wore it three times and it already shows a lot of wear. When I take the suit off I, myself, am very wet. Waste of my money.
I returned this item back or three weeks ago and they havent credit me back I suggest you shouldnt buy this
Very nice glasses..
It's slim & fits everything I need to carry w/ me. Thank you
Fit right
but she likes them. so that is great.
Fits great
This product had 3 boxers that were 100% cotton and 2 that were polyester blend ... they advertised super soft and yet only 2 on the 5 pack are . False advertising
These are great for the price. They fit well and come in a great glass case. Keep in mind these night vision glasses are not going to be a miracle cure for night driving, but they do cut out a lot of the glare associated with night driving. They are worth investing in.
Cute but zipper broke in a week
I Like everything about it, I got it for my husband
Thickness of the shirt makes in uncomfortable to wear. I even washed them several times in hopes of getting the stiffness out of them, but that didn't work. Needless to say, I don't wear this item, nor do I see myself doing so in the future.
so cute, i recommend pairing these with a basic crop or turtle neck
He loved these to work in, we bought a pack for my dad too. He bought a second one for him to wear casually.
I bought these for my sister who lives in central Florida because she likes to hike in the woods there. Chiggers and ticks are awful for much of the year, and she said these socks really help, and she doesn't have to use bug spray. I wasn't sure they'd work, and am glad to hear that she likes them.
I get complements all the time on this case, it looks great and it fills sturdy
Fits well, 100% SPF :) I'm happy with the purchase!
These didn't feel right. Super cheap feeling so I returned them.
I bought these for my husband. He's a larger sized guy and it's hard to find underwear to fit him. I paid 32.34 for the pack of 6 which is a pretty good deal for a plus sized guy. He's really enjoyed them and they fit perfect.
Do not like the fact it had no pockets