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These t-shirts are crisp, cool & true to color and size. Could not be more pleased.
UPDATE: the seams are ripping out of the seats after 4 or 5 wearings! 1 pair blew completely out when bending over. The fabric is weak and not flexible. I will add a photo of the red pair. That hole in front of my hand should not be there.

I would attribute that to my washing machine or sizing but I have other clothing that gets washed just the same way and is NOT ripping or turning brittle!

I am dropping to 2 stars as there are still 2 pair that are half decent.

Original post below...
I could have wished for more room in the seat for a person who wears xxl pants. Their last order still fits well. Still the fabric is sturdy and the seams are well stitched. 4 stars
The sock is well made, Unfortunately, the sock was not wide enough to fit my husbands foot. The description of this sock does not claim to fit very wide feet. If you are looking for a sock that fits the description you will be pleased with the quality of the sock.
typical carhartt, A-one quality. THANKS CARHARTT
Water Resistant. after while the water will start to absorb into the fabric.
I like them so much, knowing my tendency to lose sunglasses, I bought a second pair as my backups.
This is the second pair of Levi's that I have ordered through Amazon and both pair have had flaws in the material. This is the type of product you would expect from an outlet mall.
nice shirt
Will be a fun summer bracelet
Great product that changes the men's collar game. Super strong magnets that make sure your collar stays in place! Thanks!
Love it
Just the right size not too big not too small
The sunglasses are CUTE! They arrived quickly. The lens color is *PINK!* The tint color when you're looking through them is a refreshing green tint. They came with a cute bag, a box, and a cleaning cloth. I have already gotten compliments on them! I love them!!!
I love this purse! I saw it on Amazon and wanted something smaller than the purse I have (Kiplinger) which was initially fine for me because it has alot of pockets. However, this purse is more fitting for my petite size and body type and there is no chance things will drop out like with the Kiplinger's - which I would have to remember to check and zipper each pocket. I lost my car key once and I did not even notice that it had fallen out of the purse!!! This won't happen with this purse - love it!
My wife told me to get these. Surprisingly comfortable. Very soft. Fit as expected. I wear the same size in Fruit of looms & Hanes. Can't comment on durability just yet. but so far so good.
Thought these would be the same design as a pair I had but missing one pocket. Still pretty good shorts. I have a 33 waist but the 32 fits perfect.
Great goggles for bicking! Don't need sunglasses with these. Keep my eyes clear and free!
Good comfortable hat. Will probably get more.
Love love love
Star came off and had to glue it back on
These glasses fit great right out of the box. Great clarity and comfort. I would recommend these especially for the price I paid. They also come with a very nice case for protection!
Just what I wanted.
I love it! It holds so much and it is the correct size
good product...
Love the bag. Its not too big though, so if youre looking to pack everything in there, you cant. Strap is cute. My main complaint though is the main magnetic fastener. Its not strong enough and will pop open.
Love this tennis bracelet!
I like the size, many compartments for daily use.
This was exactly what we were looking for. It fit my husband perfect and the fleece kept him warm and did its job!
Great idea, a product I would love, and a product I would use daily... if it worked. I paid premium because I was assured this was the best brand, and they used quality materials, but I had countless issues with the clips deforming. They would let go of my shirt, bend and break if I sat in hard chairs, and constantly bend out of usable shape. After the 5th time fixing a clip with pliers, I decided it was time to call it a $40 loss. They hugged my legs fine, and I didnt have any issues with them traveling, but the cheap clips are a dealbreaker. I cant be going to the bathroom every hour on the hour to reclip my shirt. Much easier to quickly retuck every hour.
i love this no show thin socks. i use this with my pumps as my feet tends to be sweaty. they're really comfortable
These are my daughter's favorite socks. Great for Cheerleading.