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Nice bracelet
Good product
Impressive. My wife turned me on to these because I was frustrated with the small almost strap belts that come on my hiking pants.
This is a substantial upgrade! Wider better made belt. The buckle is awesome under my pack belt. It sits so much flatter than anything else I have seen.
Good product at a fair price made in the USA
These shirts fit as expected. And the extra length is great for me, since most t shirts tend to be shorter in length for me. Overall, I am pleased with the purchase.
Just what I wanted
I have a small head and is not as low profile as seen in some of the pictures in the review.
I ordered the blue denim one and really like the color. I will keep it since it was only $9
Excellent belt I've only had mine for a few weeks but I can tell it's built to last; Ive already had a few friends order one. I can't see how it would ever fail, there are a few wear marks on the belt itself but that's to be expected, I was worried it might automatically set in to those spots but it locks in wherever you set it and doesn't move one bit.
This was a Christmas gift for my 13 year old great niece. I can tell you she loved it and takes it everywhere with her, it's her favorite purse now!!!
Great fit
I love this hat fits good
Love it
Just what my grandson wanted. Ordered 3 colors and he loved them.
I bought these for my son. It said mens joggers on the order and when they arrived they had crystals on the zippers and felt like satin material. Very disappointed. I Returned them. I want what I see pictured, not something else!
Soft and comfy! I would happily wear these every day for the foreseeable future.
Perfect for my 2 granddaughters ages 7 and 11.
Real. Came with authentic Versace case. Would by again.
I ordered one that I didnt receive so I couldnt leave a review other than I didnt receive it I did a return and re purchase and they sent it very quickly and did not charge me even though I was unable to send something back to them since I didnt have it. My mom loves it! It was her Christmas gift. Holds lots of cards and cash and has slots where you can easily push your cards out. If it was a little more flexible where the cash goes it would be even better
I love this bag. It has so much room to fit all my things I nedd while communting to work (i.e s8 phone, earphones, keys, wallet, kindle paperwhite, chapstick). It is thw perfect size for a crossbody and does not look bulky or huge. (I'm about 5'2, so a bit short)

It did not have a strong smell when I opened it. Maybe I am just one of the lucky few?

I am looking forward to taking this to coachella in April. It'll have the perfect amount of space to take all of my supplies to survive the weekend!

I highly reccommend this bag! 5/5
Super soft and well made. Lots of room too
good quality and excellent product.
Awesome product for Texas weather especially
My friend loved these sunglasses. Packaged nicely, work well.
This purse is nice but the strap is too short to use as a crossbody. This is disappointing since that is why I wanted it.
If you remember athletic socks from the early days of what we used to call jogging, circa 1970s, these socks are reminiscent of if the all cotton ones with one exception, these have some polyester, nylon, and spandex, which means they won't stick to your feet and give you blisters like the old cotton guys. The elastic tops keep the socks 'up', the height is mid calf, and they launder with a judt little shrinkage. I recently have tried 5 brands of socks, and these rate #1 for form and function. They do the job when exercising ot just weaing around. No bulbus toes, no excess matertial. Best white athletic sock I've had since the days of the late Jim Fixx' storied The Complete Book of Running.

Aug. 22, 2019 UPDATE:
I just tried some Dickies All-purpose Cushioned Crew Performance Work sucks and I think I prefer then to these Gold Cup socks. If you want a zero padded athletic sock, check the Dickies socks mentioned above.
Great, but just a little too tight (but I guess that feature keeps it in place). It is comfortable to wear though, not hot. Just recovering from total skin cancer treatment for my whole face. I like the protection it gives me. First time I haven't sunburned while working outside for 6 hours. I recommend.
Waist band has started to stretch out, so thats a little disappointing
beautiful wallet, color is quite dark compared to the photo but still really nice
The way it fits
I love the purse because it is everything they said it would be. It is very roomy, not too big just right. I wasnt to happy with clip on strap, I would have wanted a wider one but its ok, and the price was affordable for all leather.