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couldn't find socks like these for female so thought Id try these. I have problem with freqyent sore toes. These are amazingly soft & I love the reinforced toes & heels!! Will never buy any others, that's for sure!
I think it is excellent.
Great Itrem Excellent
Looks great, right enough so my money wont fall out, and all for a great price.
I ordered size small because I wanted good compression, but I cant tell they offer any compression. Maybe if I wash them and dry in the dryer they will shrink.
Awesome Sweatshirt Hoodie it came on time and the price was great will be ordering from this seller in the future
Fit perfectly, look cool and keep my feet from sweating. Im about it.
Replacement socks, Ive been wearing gold toe socks for many years.
The thread was coming out of the seams on arrival. After just a few wears, there were giant holes in the seems. Wont be purchasing again.
My second hoodie purchased through Amazon, first in red, now in blue. I gave 5 stars to the red version and the blue gets 5 as well. Love this hoodie for protecting me from the sun. With summer approaching, I will be wearing these all the time to the beach. LOVE IT
This was a Christmas present for my husband. This type of wallet with the money clip is the only kind he will use. HOJ is the only place that had exactly the one like he had before. Very nice quality as well.
Good quality even after being in pocket for long periods of time/
Bought the bracelet for myself and love it
Great quality! Details were spot on.
I had to return this bag. The Quality is not what i expected. the bag cant stand on its own as shown in the display and its a cheap Quality.
This product lasted about 45 days and then fell apart and of course it became more of an issue to keep it screwed together. If you are an active person and have a number of keys, this does not add any convenience.
A nice, compact cross body purse. Large enough to hold an iPhone X, a small wallet and some pepper spray.
This cap is well built, however it is the type of cap that you see on rappers on videos. It's brim is hard and it is not like a soft baseball cap that molds around your head in which I was looking for. For some, this maybe perfect. Just not for me!
Best pocket tee I have ever owned! Heavy weight material and excellent quality.
I was very happy with this bag.
If you've been thinking about dabbling into the metro-man world of the amazing shirt stay but aren't quite ready to pony up $20 or $30 for something that seems a little too nerdy or old man-ish to quite be... "you", then this might be a good place to start.

For $8.99 are you going to find better? Eh, maybe... but realistically... probably not. If you're ready to go all in with no regrets and no excuses... these aren't the ones for you - spend more money to get the sea-salt cured leather bonded elastics your hairy legs deserve.

However, if you want to NOT have a BAD TIME with these, this is what you need to know:
- clip to the middle of your sock, NOT THE TOP, otherwise it'll scratch your legs and drive you mad
- you'll adjust these to different lengths - because your legs aren't exactly the same length, and other factors
- for the second time: mind the SCRATCHY MELTED NYLON strip - either turn backwards, or clip low on your sock

Also, although these are plastic clips, as you can see, I wouldn't expect ultra-thin silky dress socks (y'know, the kind that rip at the toe when you first put them on and only last 3 washes) to hold up against these clips. I have no concerns about them with normal dress socks.

Finally, despite what I show in the picture, yes, I do typically wear these on the INSIDE OF MY PANTS and with a BUTTON-UP SHIRT. I didn't want to take pictures of myself half-undressed in one of my fancy shirts because, well, it would just be too unfair to the actual leg models to practically put them out of a job with a free review. I care about the economy too much for that sort of thing. Especially in these trying times. You're welcome.

Also, Im 65, so these deliver on one size fits all.
It has plenty of pockets inside and out to keep my valuables. It is big enough to carry what I need and sits close to my body so that I feel my possessions are secure. This alsoThis also is not bulky or heavy so it is very comfortable to is not bulky or heavy so it is very comfortable to wear.
A little long so untidy to wear untucked (Though I am short and fat 5'7" 195lbs) but other than that I love them. Bought 3 colors.
Comfortable and just the right thickness. Build is sturdy and has handled washings without any thinningn of material or snags appearings. Good quality and delivered extactly as promised.
Was looking for a sock that keeps my feet cool in my gym shoes plus gives me support on my heel and arch. Make sure you follow the wash instructions. Have not had any issues with tears.
These shirts fit just fine! Very comfortable to the touch! I am happy with this product! These Tee shirts are lite and are great for summer time under clothing!
I absolutely LOVE this purse! I was nervous to buy a purse without seeing it in person but I am so happy that I did. I get compliments on it all the time when I go out. After looking through the reviews I had a pretty good idea of what the size was and I did not feel mislead. It is the perfect size to carry all my everyday items and to fit on my shoulder. One of my favorite parts is that the straps don't seem to sag. They aren't rigid but they seem to stay comfortably on my shoulder instead of my constantly pulling one strap back up to my shoulder. If you see the picture and like it, you will like it in person!
I got these for my cycling glasses, which are really polycarbonate plastic glasses that scratch very easily. They are large enough to easily get the glasses in and out, and the little drawstrings keep them secure.
Absolutely love them! I missed wearing glasses even tho my eyesight is no longer as bad so I thought I would by a pair that were non prescribed and Im in love I would buy more def.