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Good product
The XL socks are great for size 12 feet.
Very bad don't buy these
Once I got this out of the package, I found that there was a stray printing mark on one side of the mask near the mouth. Also, there is a white line along the edge of the top of the mask which will require me to fold the mask over. I had expected the mask to be made of a different material that would be more breathable and would not make the face sweat. Not a very good quality item for the price they want.
These seem to be made pretty well, and while I can't comment on longevity yet, I anticipate these will last me a while.

Of course, they do have a bit of a tendency to fall below your ankle if you wear slip-on shoes (I do.). My shoe size is 11.5 M so YMMV.

So I'd say they're pretty good for most people.
Had to return it. D/L slot tore apart after about a week.
i bought these for my cousin and i couldn't get over the packaging. honestly, that made it all worth it for me. the adorable pizza box and then all the slices, EVEN down to the weird little center barbie table that comes in pizza boxes. AMAZING. i gave them as a gift so i have no idea how they fit or what the quality is, but if you want to give someone the cutest sock present ever, BUY THESE.
Love the color and the fit
I think if XS had been available it would have fit perfectly but I knew it would be a little large for me so Im not disappointed. It was precisely the shirt I needed for this cosplay! Im very picky about getting colors right and this one came the exact color as seen. Its also nice to get two in case one gets a stain while at convention! Its a very comfortable shirt and doesnt hug my chest. Tucking the front in my belt provided the exact look I was trying to duplicate. Its a great product! And Ill definitely wear these beyond cosplay!
Good quality leather and I was able to fit all of my credit cards in the wallet comfortably. Love that I am able to fully close with a zipper so nothing falls out. Works great as a clutch for shopping.
Mine turned blue after 9 months and it's missing a wall and key legislation
These are obviously not Levi's jeans. I haven't worn such lousy jeans since my dad made me shop at Zayres.
They are the actual Ray Ban
Lightweight, good amount of darkness to block the sunlight.
Delivered as promised with a hard case and soft cloth case.
Great snow mask. Very warm and especially soft on the inside. Has done a great job this past week with the cold polar air in the Midwest.
Very nice. Well-made. 2mm is larger than I thought it would be, but I
found a nice stone pendant that goes great with it.
No complaints.
I bought this to make into an ugly sweater but it was actually really soft and comfy! I worried it might be a little short from the pick but fit just like a regular size would
Super thin an see feet threw it there gonna get a hole really fast
It's so cute for my daughtershe love it very much
Awesome gift for my 9 year old. Something to remind him how amazing he is.
Very comfortable. Easy to match colors. Well sewn. Sized generously bigger but not too much. Perfect long sleeves for layering under winter coat for less bulk which is what I wanted.
My father hates long sleeve t-shirt but he fell in love with these shirts. Plan on getting more.
Product was decent, not quite as I expected but it will work.

My main problem was the delivery service. The guy ran all over my grass next to the very wide driveway. Now I have a long track mark in my yard from his tires. Going to have to rethink this. He could have left this small package in the mail box. #smh
Love the purse set and the quality is good.
Great Product.
Husband wore this everyday during a 10-day tropical beach trip without any sunscreen underneath and was 100% protected from the sun wherever this shirt covered. Not even a tan nor freckles. His body was as white as it was before the trip, for better or for worse!
Also dries very quickly (swam in it everyday) and is super lightweight and doesn't feel hot at all, even with the long sleeves.
My second pair! First holding up well, just wanted variety. Arrived before expected, as before. Customer service follow up excellent. Very pleased.
Very good quality! My husband loves it. I ordered twice already!
Cool looking glasses.