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Bought for my little sister as a gift ! Brought her to tears!
Looking good
I bought 6 pr of ExOfficio Men's Give-n-Go Boxers for my husband in 4 different colors, deep palm, ocean, black and charcoal. After 1 month of frequent use, he is still very happy with them. 3 prs of these were from Amazon, and the other 3 were available from another vendor, outland usa, that also offered free shipping. Both arrived promptly and in original packaging. The boxers themselves fit well, have a comfortable waist band and dry very quickly as promised. I've been washing them in cold water and line drying to extend their lives as well. Can't wait to take them on trip to Europe since they will be light to pack, comfortable for all day hiking and easy to wash/dry for next wear!
Though they cost about 4x as much as regular cotton boxers, I am hoping their wear life will be at least 4x as long as the cotton boxers tend to get holey after 2-3 yrs or so of regular use.
After reading the reviews I got a large for my son who usually wears medium. He loves them
Would definitely purchase this belt again!
dont settle for tight underwear ! i wear jeans waist 32, i wear L Large side underwear supposed for waist 36-38, it fits great, when you put in on, it doesnt fall off. you're ok. i even thinking of buying XL underwear, to me the looser the better, more comfortable (as long it doesnt fall off when you put it on)
Returned for a larger size. Didn't want tight sweats. Nice quality. Reordered larger size and was pleased. Could not return at a Kohl's though disappointed as the place sells this brand and takes amazon returns. Had tosend it UPS which was a hassle.
Very comfortable.
Nice hat. Good quality
I read a lot of bad reviews so I was skeptical. The web site sells the hat for $35.00 plus 9.00 Shipping.
If I was to pick on anything is it has a slightly raised stitching on the bottom of the logo where it was seamed together. It is adjustable.
I seen a lot of complaints about size. It fits perfect with 4 notches left. If your head is bigger than that
then you should just not wear hats lol.
Other than that it is perfect.
Beautiful and stylish scarfs.
excellent choice
I have been having trouble with night vision especially when it is raining. Headlight glare off of raining streets makes it almost impossible for me to drive under these conditions. My Optix 55 glasses had made all the difference in the world. I have an absolutely clear view and feel very safe driving at night now. These glasses are light weight also, making them very comfortable to wear. In fact, I forget I have them on and feel like I am driving in the daylight. Which in turn makes me happy :-)
I got the 1.5 carat. Just the right size for me. and it is stunning! I compared it with my diamond ring and the earrings are just brilliant! I hope the shine stays on. The manufacturer advises not to wear it in shower as the hot water can damage the shine. So I will take that precaution.
comfortable and soft. I need to order more
Wow! It is beautiful. Very impressed.
Great and affordable. You don't need anything else. The good thing about is that you get 4. More for your money.
Nephew loves these! Perfect package.
OK materials and construction. But you should not describe it as a cellphone pocket. Waaaayyy too small for a cell phone. Maybe call it a pencil pocket?
I love this jacket. It is good down to about 40 degrees F. It is easy to clean and very comfortable. Definitely recommend.
Great, well made hat!
Loved the bracelet for about two weeks then the string broke, though it was my fault, I ordered another one and around two weeks or so the second one broke. Wish the string was a little better quality. I will say, I never took it off for swimming or showers, do know if that would have made a difference.
I ended up getting a new workout shirt because this shirt was a lot smaller than my husband expected it to be
thank u
These are basic shorts. The color has not bled into the wash. The waistband is a little on the thick side with the elastic, not uncomfortably so though.
It is fine except it is a little large