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Quick delivery , excellent style , very pleases
Excellent product, is great.
Bought for my teenage son & he loves them!! They take a lot and really hold up
looks cool
I really like this purse. It has all the features I was looking for. A slightly more structured look then a slouchy hobo bag. Nice smooth zippers and beautiful shiny leather. Now I need to see how long it will hold up under my normal wear and tear I will carry it as an every day bag.
I love these trunks. I originally bought size Large and returned them for X Large. I'm a 32-34 waist. The Large actually fit fine, however I like my swim trunks to have a looser fit.
I absolutely love these hats I have two a black one and navy blue. Theyre comfortable on your head. I love how theyre adjustable. Definitely a good gift for hat lovers.
I love bowling bag style hand bags cute and elegant
It's a wallet, it's slim, and it's beautiful. Word of warning is to start out with the bare minimum amount of cards you want to keep because once it has stretched to accommodate those cards, there's no going back. Example: I currently have 3 cards in the main compartment. If I were to keep only 2 cards in that compartment I would lose them, because they would easily fall out.
Bought this item twice. Last time I bought it was back in March 2019 for $11.29. Today February 8th 2020 $29.99. Good pair of socks but nowhere worth the price you're asking now.
These are very soft and comfortable lounge pants. My husband wears them as pajama pants and says theyre very nice and fit true to size. They wash up well but do tend to bunch up in the dryer.
Aesthetically appealing belt, but the ratchet system does not work well. It is easy to cinch the belt tight, but it comes loose in it's own very easily. I have owned many belts like this and have never had this problem before. This one simply doesn't work.
The product was ok bit i think they do come a little smaller than what they say they are. They dont really stretch so they do feel a little tight. I normally use xl and they fit loose but these are just a little tight all day even down to the thigh.
well worth the money I uses the constantly while working outdoors they have held up
Not used for reason, I use other ways they are great.
perfect fit
These earrings are great. My 4 year old has been losing earrings constantly for the last couple of years. She has had these on for a couple months now and they have not come off.
I wa
From my semi truck sized wallet Ive had for 10 years to this tiny thing its hard to adjust having had it for less than a month its pretty slick. Cash pocket is kinda a pain in the ass but not terrible for a guy who carries 11 cards.
Great wallet for the price. I like having the two compartments to keep cash and "other" stuff separate.
nice thanks
Looks great. Built great. It blocks the sun perfectly. Comes with a nice case, a little pouch that I haven't used, and a microfiber towel. All of this fits in the case with ease.
all was as advertised
Alright, so without being too wordy on this review, these socks are amazing. I do CrossFit 4-5x a week. If you know anything about this sport, it kinda makes you sweat a little bit :) Every time my shirts are completely discolored. Alright, let's stop being gross about it. These socks are just amazing.
- They such up all the moisture
- Very comfortable
- Snug as a bug in a rug

- absolutely nothing
The nose piece fits a little funny, but it's adjustable! The arms are plastic like instead of metal. But still very nice!
Hanes, great as ever!
Love it more then I thought I would. It's perfect!
Material looks like as low grade we quality