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I wasnt so sure about it but ended up loving it on my two week trip to Ireland
Loved it
Looks like nice quality but too it's small, needed to get a bigger size.
You can safely fit your driver license, health insurance card, 3 credit cards plus folded up cash.

Took more than a day to adjust (it was so small, that I kept on checking if my wallet was there). Made me realized I was carrying way too much stuff before.

It was annoying at first to try to figure out what cards to carried due to the limited space, but at the end of the day, comfort and ease of use made it worth it.
Seems good so far, I did notice one small chip already the first day! It's a lead color underneath....hopefully the quality holds up better
Great quality. Fits just enough cards and cash. A little hard to get ID out of the ID pocket. Not suitable AT ALL for international travel, only US-sized bills. Good day-to-day wallet.
Perfect. Arrived early, well-made & exactly what I wanted
Clips didn't want to stay closed. Okay quality.
Absolutely love this wallet holds everything well and great material my husband bought it for me for Christmas and I love the color and quality
Keep your pant up and your shirt in
Hoped to use this as my go-to purse to display stuff I sell, but it was falling apart after just a couple months of daily use.
I've had maybe half a dozen wallets in my 62 years (I tend to wear them out), and this is the best so far. Functional, comfortable to carry, well made.
Great fit and quality!!
To be honest, for the price and given the plastic buckles, I did not expect these to be very sturdy. I was wrong. I wear mostly un-tucked shirts and need a belt to keep my pants in place. The buckle on these is plastic, but quite solid. There is zero slipping/loosening of the belt throughout the day. Wherever you set it, it stays. I've had these for 6 months. I have worn the black belt nearly every day. There is no sign of wear on the belt from the buckle, which is also pretty surprising. I felt like I was gambling when I bought these, but I definitely won. You're not going to win any fashion contests, though they are pretty subtle, but if you're considering these belts then you're probably not planning on entering any fashion contests with them. If you are, then I applaud your confidence.
Perfect for that casual look and well put together as my last belt broke at the clasp which was a reversible one
This is the best bag for work or travel, very sturdy, plenty of pockets and durable. Plus a lovely print.
I like how lightweight and breathable they are while I workout.
After a year they just simply lost their shape compared to other socks feels loosy
I love it. It makes me feel happy.
Good fit, good price, material is a little thin. Seems to hold up well given the moderate quality.
Pretty dissapointed. Ordered a large/XL and the hat fits pretty small. I would hate to see what a S/M feels like. Its not like I have a giant head or anything. Quality seems fine, but they need to add larger sizes. These seem more like for kids.
I love these earrings! They are hinged so they are easy to put in, latching is difficult. However, they are light and I sleep in mine. Very comfortable.
Shipment arrive quickly...and I good condition.
Really like the design & functionality.
I was VERY disappointed in the quality of these socks. I will never buy them from here again. The quality is much better at Walmart or even the Hanes outlet store and the price the same. These were thin material and stretched out around the calf within month of wearing. Poor quality
Love these shirts
I don't like handbags very much but I love this bag.It's a good size, the zipper on top is great and the little end pockets are handy for things like bus/train/airplane tickets that you might need to pull out quickly.
Best casual shirts ever...wear well, dont shrink, like the pocket.
Broke already
They were to big need to order a smaller size . Good quality socks just ordered to big . Good news I had a friend that fit was able to wear them.