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I'm just in love with these sunglasses. The size is perfect, color is perfect.... I saw them in the store and they are exactly the same
Fit is not exactly what I was looking for, relaxed fit is somewhat to large
Love these sunglasses. They were exactly what I was looking for and they came in a hard case with all kinds of little goodies in the inside. Very pleased
No complaints here!
It is just the right size that is needed for my essentials. The zippers work smoothly. The strap does not slip off my shoulder.
Do you want stand out in a crowd? Me neither. Perfectly common pants.
Just as beautiful as the famous brand. Quality is same also.
Comfortable and recommend
The ring is beautiful, although quiet fragile. The balloon heart is very small, therefore very thin and bends very easily. Great care must be taken when wearing it. Otherwise, it was exactly as I expected.
I had to bore out some hole with a knife and a screw in order to buckle up the belt. Poor quality control.
Great product! I have been looking for a case for my husbands sunglasses. So many I have looked at were too small, this was perfect!
If you want a small, lightweight, attractive wallet, get this.
It doesnt hold much, but that was the point for me. I love it and hope it last a long time. I will be gifting it to friends and family.
It's warm and comfy! Fits nice, looks pretty good. Great price.
Had my last leather wallet for 5+ years that I bought at a Retail leather store in a mall. All the seams were letting and it was done. Did a little research, and got this wallet, at a reasonable price. So far so good. I have 6 cards in the slots, and my ID in the flap holder. The wallet came with new leather smell, and seems like sturdy thick leather, not the thin pleather that many other vendors have. Even came with a hand-written note from "Kate" (nice customer service touch).
the brand we usually buy, so we knew what to expect
Order a size down. A large is an xtra large. Fit super big
Quality of shirt is good, but size is a bit larger than the chart indicated.
My daughter loved the ring. Easy to put on
People keep asking who the maker of this purse is...
They fit really well. They are the nicest tint.
Woah!! These are stain resistant? Really didnt take that into consideration when purchasing, nor do I really care. They were the type of sock I wanted at a good price.
I am pleased with my purchase.
Very comfortable but somewhat large.
We like the way the scarf fits but the warmth is right away. I was really looking for cool relief.
This is an awesome wallet. Hold the dozen or so cards I carry and feels very secure. The frequent use side was a great idea. Brilliant in its simplicity and flawless in execution! I also love the red color!
Got these for my husband, he likes them . Theyre nice and roomy and breathable. I got him a large , they fit great!
Im so in love with these!!!! Amazing everything! Money well spent!
They do help to enhance the fishing experience. Very cheaply made and not meant to be used when away from the water.