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I love this product. it is a good buy.
Got it for my fiance for Christmas, he loves it and looks VERY good in it! If you love a southern boy, get him this hat.
My daughter loves it!
Great golf shirt
Love it
Great robe for a great price.. super soft too! My son is 6 ft, 165 lbs. Purchased the L/XL and it comes to his shins. Wish it was floor length, but he still loves it.
These are 100% fake.
Great sunglasses. These are my favorites. I'm very hard to find the right fit of sunglasses. I've got a rather large head with a roundish face. (All those brains my skull has to contain!)
These fit comfortably and look great!
These sunglasses work great for the sun. One of the reasons I purchased these glasses is they are S1 Sport Polarized Sunglasses FDA Approved Polar.
This product was terrible, seconds I guess. All shirts fit differently. Am going to give them to good will.
Great price for good pair of shorts.
Ends are very pointy not fit a two year old
its very strong for asking questions love it
Amazing brand , cute and worth every penny. Thanks
Love it
Very comfortable. The only thing I don't like is having to take the end apart to put on or remove from your pants. other than that I love it.
Love the material , think l need to get one size smaller
This is a great option if you're looking for a slim RFID wallet. It holds several credit cards with a clear pocket for photo id. as well as room for cash. A great choice when traveling and you want to keep the number of cards you're carrying to a few.
Great product and fast shipping
They're fine, They keep my glasses on while at the gym, but my wife says I look like a dad.
I got it for my husband for his bday and he loved it.
Very cute, I gave it to my goddaughter as a gift but the charms started coming off
I purchased this ring with 4or5 other things at the same time and paid for shipping for all items;however, this purchase I received 1st & within 5days. Its now been about 2months & I have been wearing it ever since & still looks great plus leaves zero discoloration on finger. I work with rescued dogs, requires extensive hands on work which includes: handling & bathing dogs of all sizes & includes working outside half the time. During the 2months of owning my new ring was during the hot summer but still this ring was unaffected by this & the many cleaning of hands I must do. On top of all this the number one thing is the love I have for this affordable ring. I would tell anyone and everyone to purchase one or more as well.
These are great quality glasses, especially for the price:
- They have a weight and sturdiness about them that is rare and appealing
- For me, the fit and comfort is excellent, and the styling too
- The lenses are dark enough to protect from the glare of the sun, but light enough to use inside or on an overcast day
- My only disappointment relates to the polarization; they ARE clearly polarized as can be confirmed via the polarization test card included in the packaging, but they dont provide that pleasing color-enhancing affect that other polarized glasses do
Overall however, these glasses are great and I enthusiastically recommend them.
This once washed fit way too small I got a large it of not over way whatsoever also the shoulder areas were frayed on every single shirt
Bought this because mens clothes is warmer and has deeper pockets :)
Little small for my big ass feet, but I love this product, they dont shift or slip AT ALL. Truly ankle socks, cant see them in my chucks or Vans. Now my wife wants some. Will definitely be buying again.

Due to them being slightly small, I think theyll stretch and make holes in another few washes. Might want to go up a size. Im 11 and pushing the large size to the max.
Great glasses! Quality is superb.....
Just the right size for running to market .