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For the price, these can't be beat. I got them as a replacement pair for my Costas. Love em.
It's not bad for the price, but you can find nicer bags in the same range. It's not a 'stiff' as I'd like - the big bag is quite floppy. But the outside looks nice.
Light weight wide brimmed hat. Easy to pack or carry. Higly recommend.
It a bit smaller in the bum but it works.
Like the simplicity
I was satisfied with the crossbady bagbecause it was waterproof, and i used it for two months and it felt good for everyday use and travels, because it had enough small bags for me to sort. I can put different items, such as change, keys and so on. In addition to traveling, it is also very nice to have everyday, because it is waterproof, and i put my passport ticket, wallet in it. I like it very much
correct original item
Very nice looking sunglasses but unfortunately looking good in the 70s not the 21st century. It was a gift to my adult son who had me return it as would never wear them.
Definitely not a leather. Soft and flexible though. Quality wise - its looks like typical cheap belt which you can get anywhere except for the ratchet part which made me buy this from amazon. Not sure if I will recommend this to anyone.
It locks better than one I brought from a TV ad and cheaper.
Missed receiving one and it was sent with an additional order. Both great and fun on my husband's fun cars. Would buy more. Yellow/black "Pull to eject" on keychain for the 59 yellow with black strip El Camino with the new hot engine. The Red "Remove before Flight" on the keychain for the 2016 stingray corvette in Long Beach Red. Thanks again!! Debbie
Liked everything, to wear
i was able to get my credit cards and everything i need in a wallet put in.....light weight and well made
Size runs exceptionally small
I purchased my pants size and have had to add a few notches. I wear a multi tool and flashlight on my belt therefore I need to have a tight belt. I find the belt comfortable.
Recommended excellent for every job; office, shop even tactical.
I took a chance and this hat is amazing. I have a larger than usual head so don't fit standard women's sizes but men's sizes tend to be to o big. This a great fit and the utility of the folding is fantastic. I know own two. Black and gray.
This bag is amazing! I can throw anything into it and just go!
Going from a checkbook wallet, my expectations were limited. The quality and capacity was a welcomed surprise and I would recommend this to anyone. I've only had the wallet for a couple of weeks but I am happy with all aspects of it.
Its a great wallet, a bit harder than expected but after a month or so I kinda got used to it!
Dislike? I found these socks to be very comfortable. And when I saw that they come in a 12 pack, I thought it was a typing mistake. I told all my friends about them and you should see many orders coming from the same zip code as mine.
Light weight, good for someone that over heats easily. Comfortable. Looks good. Runs a bit small, but not too much.
Its a great belt. Works fantastic. Definitely made with great quality
They're true to size, will buy more in various colors. Comfortable too!
Wish you had a larger size. Im 64 270. The xxl are the biggest shorts you have
Love it
Quality item
favorite sunglasses. they make me feel almost like i'm on vacation, even though in all likelihood, i'm not. if you put these on, you'd better be ready to party!