Folk Style Striped Pattern Design Women's One-Piece Halterneck Swimsuit|ebay designer shoes size 5_ebay designer shoes size 9

ebay designer shoes size 5_ebay designer shoes size 9

Nice and fast
Very soft feeling pants , warm and easy to clean. Pockets are deep enough for my phone wallet and keys.
Cheap quality but git great
This product was in excellent condition. Arrived in exactly the time that was advertised. Packaging was sound for shipment. It was gift ready to wrap in a very nice case. Well worth the money for a teenager gift giving. Thank you!
Love this card wallet. Has plenty of space and is not bulky. Would definitely purchase again.
Excellent quality. Multiple compartments. Nice value leather. Perfect white white.
Very comfortable
This purse is awesome!! It's of great quality for the price.
Exactly as expected, very comfy.
Let me clarify the product description: Each "10 pack" contains 20 individual socks, it is 10 pairs of socks. This is entirely unclear on the product page as of 2014-04-14. For roughly $10, you get 20 socks. 20 perfect socks.

These have been my favorite socks for several years. I have size 10 feet (US men's size), and these fit perfectly.

The material is very soft and rather warm. The material is somewhat thick, which I like. The material does not tend to form pills of lint, which is fantastic.

The elastic is just right. These socks do not fall down, but they also don't strangle my calves.

These socks do not last forever, but how much can you ask of a 50-cent sock?
Nice hat not made to exactly the height quality but for a hat that's around $5 what could be expected. I bought it mainly because I wanted a chevron gasoline cap and couldn't find one anywhere. So I bought an iron on patch and stuck it on to make my own I think it looks great and like a whole new cap. Shipping was fast and it's adjustable so it should fit unless you got an abnormally huge or tiny head.
Nice comfy fit, great eye catching colors selection..
Quality superb, but apparently Carhart sizes run big. Keeping it for now.
Granddaughter loved them as a gift
Good Quality
Very beautiful!!
Very cheap, but my daughter loved it. Just don’t think it’s worth 10 dollars.
holding up good an NO TAGS
I live near a major Outlet Mall with a Levi's store in it. I cannot find these jeans, my all time favorites, that fit me (I'm a naturally larger guy) in the store, let alone at the price of these. Appreciate this purchasing option a LOT.
The colors are great, but they are very thin. I was hoping for a thicker material. They have held up though well and I would purchase again since the price was good.
I like the extra credit card pockets and the two places for paper money.
Ordered this for a friend. Looks great just like another one she wanted from a friend who owned one.
My boyfriend was complaining about how his dress shirts would never stay properly tucked in after he walked around or sat down. I did some research online about how to fix this problem, and I came across shirt stays. Apparently cops and military folks use these to keep their uniforms tidy - who knew?

The way these shirt stays work is you clip one end to the top of your sock and the other end to the bottom of your shirt. There are instructions and photos online for how to best configure the stays under your clothes. You can attach one set to the front of your legs and one set to the back, but this can be uncomfortable while sitting. You can crisscross the stays to help with sitting, so that the "x" of the cross is on the back of your leg. My boyfriend tried a few methods and found the best for him was just to clip to the front of his socks and the front of his shirt, only using 2 stays total. The back of his shirt doesn't stay in perfectly, but it's much better than before.

I ordered these skeptically, because I was worried they'd be super visible under his clothes or that they'd spring off and whack him in the jewels. I was pleasantly surprised, because they're nearly invisible, even with a lightweight suit. If he bends his leg to tighten the fabric and you look closely, you can see the outline of the buckle, but that's it. He's a tall guy, so I was worried these stays wouldn't accommodate a 6'4" dude, but they fit great. The adjustable plastic piece makes it easy to change the length, and they're very stretchy. He only had a clip come off once, and that was because his shirt was a very slippery fabric. With every other shirt, though, he hasn't had a problem.

I thought the clips might damage his socks and shirts, but that hasn't been a problem. He's used these stays for many months, and they're still working as well as they did originally. There are cheaper stays out there, but this is a case where it's important to pay for quality. I imagine he'll have these stays for years, but I'll update if anything changes.
Soft and generous cut. Material getting thinner each year. Good sewing job.
Can't wear these. Can't get them past my feet. Tried to stretch them out many ways but its really not worth the time. Not made for adults-at least American adults.
The material is very thin and looks much cheaper in person. It's not expensive, yes...but it looks better in the photos
I have only had the socks a week but they seem to be super comfy and a great value. Going to order more today!
The fit around the waist is very comfortable and the cloth is light and easily washable. The fly front, however, starts at the waist ban and goes down only four inches. Don't know about you, but I need it further down that that. Other than that, their a great buy.
Instead of a large pocket on each leg it has 2 small kinda useless ones.
This was a great costume idea. Without telling anyone what I was for Halloween, they all knew I was the village idiot when I walked in wearing this hat. Would recommend to anyone out of costume ideas.
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