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Beautiful necklace. Goes great with a pendant I wanted to use it for. Also an elegant necklace by itself. The clasp, though, is difficult. It too small and the lobster claw is hard to pull back. It's a very small opening in the claw and not easy to slip it into the necklace opening. A lobster claw clasp that is a little larger and easier to hold back while fastening it would be a good, needed improvement. I am very pleased with the necklace itself, but not with the clasp.
This is a beautiful belt, easily trimmed to fit, stays put when fastened yet is easy to release. Over the years I have spent a bundle on belts, as has most everyone. Then after a few months a belt we paid twenty bucks or more for begins to deteriorate so when I saw this, saw the price, it was a no brainer for me. I was willing to risk that amount just to find out. It came beautifully packaged in a box suitable for giving as a gift (which I did not expect) and after wearing it a few times I'm convinced I would buy it again. enjoy yours
For being a basic plain T-shirt, this shirt is amazing honestly. Feels great, you can tell its made with good quality material and super comfortable. Definitely buying another couple shirts from this company.
My bf is from Brooklyn and will wear a durag sometimes with a certain fit. He loved these.
very beautiful ,I like it !
Nice lightweight cool cotton tshirts ... Basic staple for mens wardrobe
My husband loves these sunglasses!!!
Soft and long enough for a tall guy like me at 6'5"!
The waistline is too tight for the size I ordered. To have the waistline fit right I'd have to go up to a size that swims on me.
But, that's problems for us XXXL and 4XL guys.
It's already coming apart
Bought for a Christmas gift for my brother. Nice glasses but the lenses fall out very easy, I even received them with one lens out. I dont plan on returning because I feel like another pair would be the same way. I plan on just putting a dab of super glue to keep them in place.
Ill keep this short. The briefs fit just right fairly tight but you literally cant even tell you are wearing anything at all. Also it feels like someone is just cupping your balls and holding them nice and securely. I love these
Zipper broke a month later
These feel very nice and soft compared to other white shirts I own.
They are definitely my go-to to undershirt.
I am kind of picky when it comes to shirts and these were wonderful. I have bought several pakcs so far.
This shirt fits great for me! The fit is more between a medium and large, but it is extremely comfortable. Really like the pocket on it. Make sure to hide it from your wife/significant other or else it wont be yours for long!
the quality of this wallet is very good. However, when all the credit card slots are filled and a few dollar bills put into the billfold, the wallet gets awfully Fat! This will not be comfortable in my back pocket when sitting for a period of time or driving. My previous wallet was wider and longer to allow two credit cards to fit side by side resulting in a smaller thickness. This wallet is 3-1/2" x 4-1/2" my previous wallet was 4" x 5".
I bought these for my boyfriend. He said he wanted warm socks. Wears these almost every day. Says they are comfortable and super warm.
These shirts are light, comfortable and easy to relax in. They are not heavy duty work tees. They are not oversized or extra long. They don't have heavy-duty construction. They are just comfortable tee shirts for casual wear. I like them for around-the-house tees with jeans or khakis. The price is reasonable for what you get. The one star deduction is because they tend to wrinkle out of the dryer, even on low heat. But hey, for bumming around, they are just fine.
This have been great layers for NE winter. Super warm and dry very quickly after being out in the snow.
For the price they are good. Nice case comes with it. Some distortion in the lenses but not deal breaker for the low price. Seems to be sturdy..
Great underwear to workout in, prevents chafing which is the only reason I purchased these in the first place. I will be ordering some more.
I'd but them again.
A very well made belt.
These boxer briefs fit well. They are snug and silky feeling. Everything is held in place right where it should be. I was however expecting the length to be a bit longer but it is not a huge deal breaker.
Bought the x-large for myself, but it ended up being so small that I gave it to my 8-year old son.
Fit him like a glove.
Really cute sturdy purse!

I'm the sort who uses a purse for everything--snacks, headphones, maybe a set of gym clothes, and more--and this purse could fit a Russian tank battalion inside.

Not only that but it's cute as hell. I had a girl at work stop and ask where I got it, and I told her I'd tell her if I got to name her firstborn. I await the birth of Chalupa Batman with great anticipation.
I bought two pairs, so I could wear one while the other is drying. Easy to clean (a Youtube or Google search should yield easy-to-follow directions). Comfortable. Fits as expected.