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Works well and is beautiful!
It was so pretty and my daughter loved it
The crotch is a little low for me as a woman but other than that, decent for the price.
Bought the first in a store. Perfect fit. This one not so perfect. Excellant quality.
The bag is comfortable, not too big not too small,nice material, very light. Has plenty of pockets to fit a lot of things.

The color is not similar to the picture. It is more of a reddish brown or dark Indian red color, if that makes sense.
I gave this purse to my daughter for Christmas. She absolutely loves it and has gotten a lot of compliments
Great birthday memento. Cant wait to give it to my daughter on her birthday.
Great buy.
Fits correctly.
Good price.
I like these pajamas
Horrible. The moon in the front of the purse has stitches coming out. The ears were floppy and wouldnt hold up since they were bent Down. The purse was delivered in an envelope instead of a box so there were creases too. Dont friggin buy. I was excited to use this out and replace my purse. Buy elsewhere.
Very nice
My son really like your product it really helps him with his self esteem by shaping his body looking leaner and slimmer. We give it two thumbs up....
bad item used it one time and started falling apart.
I loved the first one so much, I got two more!!
Messed up my bank card after about a month of use. Seemed perfect but this flaw makes in unusable.
they are comfortable but just a little large. however, i plan on buying more.
proper fit to size. very comfortable and soft. doesn't shrink in wash. dries quickly.
This was exactly what my husband was looking for.
Super comfortable. Thickness gives cushioning.
Great, comfortable, and nice jeans.
Husband loved. Super compact.
fit good but the material is a little thin!!
The glasses look good, but the lenses are way too dark for me. Gave them to someone.
Great product!!
I got these for my husband for Father's Day. He was jealous that I had gotten new (rx) aviator sunglasses and he had mentioned liking a pair of "blue-lensed Michael Kors aviators and a pair of Maui Jims". The MKs were not polarized, so I dismissed them immediately. I had to guess which style of MJ he'd like, and these looked like the most classic aviator style, plus came with the Blue Hawaii coating. I did find them a lot cheaper on eBay and even from some new retailers here on Amazon, but felt more comfortable buying them from an authorized dealer, as even $135 is a lot to spend on potentially counterfeit sunglasses (and who wants to give counterfeit stuff as a gift?!). He absolutely loves them. They're his first pair of nice sunglasses (he has a couple of good quality polarized ones that we picked up in Bermuda, but they're for golf). They feel SUPER light and fit him perfectly. They even fit me pretty well and I'm hard to fit because I have a short temple. The blue coating looks really awesome, though the change it causes in the coloring of your surroundings does take some getting used to he said. I love the aviators I just got my rx put into, but now I kinda want a pair of these myself....I'm a little jealous of the Blue Hawaii lenses and they really do look unisex. Sometimes unisex styles lean one way or another, but these look equally good on him and me.
Its a nice qallet if you dont have alot to carry
I love my necklace hyzman. It fits perfect for men or women.
Large case for my glasses. Am noticing that the hinges have moved some over time so the case doesn't fit flush.
love it
Good socks.