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I wear a size 7. Even with the cord at the back of the hat pulled all the way, it's too big. Lowest size would be for a size 7.5.
Love the comfort of the socks. Take care.
Best regards
Works fine. Hope it holds up.
These are very small and fit IN your eyesocket, not around it.
Great simple belt! You self trim to your size and the buckle design is pretty cool as well.
Love my bag! Worth the money.
Everything OK!!!
love it.
Works great!
My boyfriend loves this shirt. I got it for him for his birthday and he wears it all the time. Will be purchasing more.
I wear size 13 shoes but mistakenly ordered the smaller size of these socks. They are perfect summertime socks. They come up to the bottom of my calf. The larger size would cover my calf. Just depends how long you want your sock. I have a fettish about "fuzz" in my socks - my wife makes fun of me for turning my sicks inside out to check for fuzz. Some brands create internal fuzz everytime they are washed. Not these socks - they do not create fuzz. Perfect for me.
Smaller than I thought but very nice leather over the shoulder bag! Very light weight even with it loaded! Glad I purchased it!
I bought this as a replacement for one that wore out as a gift for my wife. She loves it and it is better made thats the one she previously had.
My boyfriend is always a size large or xl but these shirts were huge and super long.
They are an ok product, I don't think I would buy them again over Oakley!! They fall down off face and I really have to play with the frames to get them to fit right!!
This is a nice set of belts and they come with an extra set of buckles. I just wish they were a little narrower and more flexible.
Good product!
Really enjoy this product
mama lookin good
Great fit long torso.
While the purse is cute and all it has an awful odor. I have had several people comment on a strange smell when I am around them with my purse. It smells like a chemical. Very disappointed and wish I could return it but I have thrown all the paperwork away. Don't waste your money like I did.
Pretty decent belt but thin. Should use thicker leather.
Eight months later, on to a new pair. These aren't durable, and a lot of the heels stretched out. They're decently comfortable, and I made them last a little while. I wouldn't recommend though.
The increased length from crotch to large waistband is much appreciated.
(many other brands are cut too low and have poor quality waistband rubber)
The wallets that's I ordered are very nice. The quality is good and each came in a gift box, perfect for gift giving. Thank you!
Good hat cheap price
Love them... plain and simple. Don't buy the single ones, get the packs of 5 or even larger because your friends will love them and want one too!
I purchased this watch as a gift for my 8 yr old grandson, and he loves it. I wanted him to be able to tell time using an analog timepiece. Well, by the end of the day he was a master.
Love the wallet only problem is the opening to carry cash needs to be a bit bigger
Wife is always cold and spends a lot of time in her bath robe, crumpled on the couch and staring at her cell phone whilst binge-watching Netflix. Often times a stale cup of coffee and/or an old breakfast plate is in the vicinity from hours before.

This was the perfect gift, as the bath robe she wore before was not warm enough and had developed a musty odor. She loves how soft and comfortable this hooded blanket is. However, it does give her "morbidly obese" underarm appearance, as the material billows and bags right under her upper arms, just like the fat on a morbidly obese person does.

Five stars. Hopefully we can save on our electric bill now. She just needs to keep wool socks on and we'll be good to go!