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I wear pant size 36 waist and 36 inseam and the large size of these fit me perfectly. They seem to be of high quality and the material is soft and comfortable. The only slight knock on these is they seem a bit baggy to me, but not to the point where it is a problem. Would buy again.
Great value! Durable and comfortable!
I'm pleasantly surprised at the quality and ingenuity this product possesses. I only have to manage three keys. I also threw in my Leatherman Brewser and it fits perfectly. I'm not sure why people's units are falling apart but mine has been solid. Maybe a little blue Loctite will do the trick? Definitely a good buy for all you EDCers out there.
Mom loves this wallet....has more than enough compartments. Nicely packaged. Also a bonus gift, a necklace (see photo).
The heels are banded. I dont like it, although other people says it looks good. It feels as if it highwaters when its banded. but thats a me thing
I like the size,color and my only complaint is there is no room for pictures
Loving it so far.
Has a nice leather smell, the card pockets weren't tight at all. I could easily put my cards in and pull out without issue (all 8 pockets). The inner pockets were fine too. Smooth to the touch and smaller than my other wallet which is what I wanted. All in all I'm happy with my purchase.
The other reviews are correct about the waist. If you wear a size 32/33 get a 36 and they fit perfect at the waist. The pockets are way to shallow period. These are work pants and unless you work never having to sit or lay down, anything you put in your pockets is going to fall out. Your loose change is going to fall out of your pockets in the car on your way to work so I guess you won't have to have to worry about that at work! I don't know but for me there a little to baggy at the leg. The inseam is nice and long but there VERY loose at the leg. All in all not a bad short, look very durable as Dickie work pants are meant to be but if I had tried them on at the store I would have probably passed and got something else.
Perfect! Lots of places to put things. Its great!
The best sunglasses I ever had have.
Hat fits perfectly. Get lots of compliments on it.
love love love them!!!! Perfect!!!
Very pretty earrings. Would definitely buy again
I prefer Wrangled jeans and I especially like the relaxed fit. I buy men's jeans because I can't get women's jeans to fit me as well.
sThese jeans are better than I expected. The additional stretch provides memory and improves the material. I hope Levi will continue to keep these available and within the price that makes it possible for us to continue to order as our economy is so difficult to maintain quality within reach as we are now living in difficult times. Please keep your connection with the company Thank youl Dr.Patricia J Gray
It is an acceptable replacement for carrying your cards, coins and money openly in your hands. Better alternatives: the leftover ziploc baggie from a slightly squished peanut butter and jelly sandwich; having a child and waiting 8 years to make your kid hold your things for you (note, this solution doesn't last long, as eventually your child will buy candy with your money before you can); setting fire to all you own and moving off the grid with a return to barter; overthrowing the government and installing yourself as leader so that you get everything free and everyone knows who you are.

I find it a chore to extract anything from the wallet when carrying anything other than one or (perhaps) two cards.

I give this two stars, instead of one, because carrying my items in a slightly squished peanut butter and jelly sandwich would be worse than using this item as a wallet. So would knowing your parents had you just so you could carry their things (and worrying what happens when you turn 13 and can't carry their items safely anymore).
These on quality match up to my costa glasses extremely durable and they feel nice
Very good beach shirt. Would definitely buy again.
Love it
Smells cheap and the inside is a little misleading. Doesnt really hold that much unless its small. Hard to even get a small planner in along with the usual things like keys and wallet
Ordered this for my wife's Birthday. It showed up...or at least the box did. There was no charm in the box at all. Thanks for ruining my wife's special day. >:(
Liked it a lot. Pretty good quality for the price.
Not the best quality but they're comfortable
Ordered 2 of these shirts in different sizes & one of them is not even the correct brand its, The Children's Place, instead of, French Toast. It was shoved into a bag that was too small that had already been opened & to top it off I paid for faster shipping I'm not happy!
Excellent quality, hope to get more product like this one.
I love the weathered finish to the hat... a bit rustic. It doesn't feel blocky over/undersized... If I could give one negative, it would be the velcro... velcro breaks down over time. So you'll end up having to stick the adjustment piece together when it breaks down overtime.

Another negative is the seams are a little unsymmetrical and the bulb at the top is off center. Overall, still very happy with that hat. It fits well, the price is right and the materials are pretty good overall.