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It's good for the price however I'm not huge but it looked like i constantly had a wedgie it didn't give ride up there but had the illusion.
Adjustable, and well-made
This was WAY too big for my brother and he put the size that usually fits him! Returned.
Bought these for my son but they were a bit to long so sent them back for the 11" inseam.
Great fit
Good for me.
At 36, I've been wearing 29" and 30" since I was 20 years old. After ordering these pants, I've found out they're made for someone super skinny, maybe anorexic. I'm lean and athletic and still wear my other 30" pants just fine. These pants are not for me.
I love the way they look, bright and beautiful. But I disliked how they weighed so much and feel heavy on my ears. I have sensitive ears so I can't wear them as often as I'd like.
These are the most comfortable jocks I have ever worn. My stuff is held comfortable and with no fabric in the back every thing stays in place when wearing casual attire. After wearing them I realized my jeans would pull my under ware down when standing and sitting. They have become my preferred choice when not going commando which I prefer. But these make me feel sexy in some kind of way. Watch out!!!
Love it very classy looking!
Just what the doctor ordered!
It's super cute and the color is perfect. The wallet would be excellent if the configuration is a good fit for your need.
These are very comfortable. The problem I had is that the side stitching has come loose on two pair of the 9 I purchased and I've only had them for 2 months now. And yes, I have the right size ;)
Compared it to my friends more expensive one and its the same thing. Awesome
Excellent: densely knit, warm, maintains shape wear after wear, machine wash/air dry to restore to like new state. Bought many for Christmas gifts for son's friends & they were much appreciated!
A valentines gift for a friend
I didnt recognize the brand so I was a bit skeptical. I wear a size 10.5 and the socks fit perfect and dont slip while jogging. They are better than popular name brand socks sells my for twice the price
BEST SUNGLASSES I HAVE EVER OWNED. Light weight. Crisp, clear clarity. A purchase you won't be sorry about. No regrets.
This is a loose fitting jean. Fits my husband just right.
Great quality. Nice size and comfortable to wear.
Second time ordering these handkerchiefs. Great for grandkids runny noses. Keep some and share some.
I did not receive the correct glasses. I received an aviator style sun glasses. My daughter liked them so I am not sending them back but I learned my lesson and will not order sunglasses online.
I measured my waist before ordering and they're at least 2 inches larger.
Light weight and cool but with sun protection.
Nice charm. Looks very good on the bracelet.
Bought it for my girlfriend (hers was too old). She likes it. Only issue I had was it was smaller than I expected.
Very very comfortable.
Got it much sooner than quoted. Exactly as advertised. thanks
Band is not durable. It started looking very old after one week
After washing these stinky odiferous socks multiple times with solutions reported to remove the stench, they're too small. They still reek of formaldehyde. China??? Do not buy them. A waste of $$$.