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I'm 100% sastisfied with the wallet. It holds everything securely, and it's very compact.
True to size and color
Husband absolutely loves the quality and fit of these hats! Easily wash and just hand dry for maybe a day. Great for a man on the move that doesn't want to keep adjusting their hat daily!
Loved it but it broke after wearing only 3 times. Very disappointed
Probably the best socks I have ever owned.
They fit great & look & feel nice.
They may be a bit warm if sunny Florida ever warms up, but then I can buy their summer version.
So got got these 2 months ago to use for fishing trips on the weekend they have never been left in a hot vehicle and have been stored in a extra cotton bag I had from a previous pair of nice glasses. As you can see they have literally fell apart in two months. Bummer guess you get what u pay for.
They're just gorgeous. Love them.
I bought this product twice, but I now have a major hesitation about ordering it a third time. The shorts are a great fit and super comfortable. The major flaw is the design of the zipper! I bought them from a store and within a year the front zipper broke. A couple of the metal notches located near the bottom fell off leaving the zipper to run off the track when it was time to zip up. A replacement was purchased and sure enough the same exact issue occurred, but in three months time. Yep, I do not want to be buying a new pair of shorts every three months because of a zipper malfunction.
Great looking hat and well made.
I bought this as a birthday gift for my Daughter. She needed a new purse and she sent me this picture of what she wanted.
Amazing product. I have already washed it more than a few times and it still holds up perfectly. Excellente fleece quality, super warm and stylish
They are really cute and in good condition.
Easy review for me. I like my socks to fit well, be very well made and fairly heavy, yet COMFORTABLE, I have purchased these before and they are. There are less expensive socks, but these easily outlast two sets of any other brand I have owned.
Perfect fit. Looks nice
Zipper broke after a month or so. Disappointing....
A fine hat
My husband loved it
Daughter loved it super warm. Only issue we had is kids is a little small for her and adults is huge but still super warm. She is 13
Great bag, tons of zippers, loved it!!
I am a limo driver dealing with passengers who arrive on airplanes from many locations. These masks are very easy to put on, breathe through without having your nose crushed, and take off once the passenger has departed my vehicle. For a full head covering they are amazingly flexible so turning my head to check on surrounding traffic is easy.

They don't look institutional when you wear them. They aren't as thick a material as some masks but you can always wear one of the disposable surgical masks under this mask and you won't look like a member of the medical community so thereby less intimidating to those around you.

I am so pleased with these masks that I have ordered 8 of the black ones and 2 of the white ones.
Love this sweat pants, i wear this to the Gym and the girls seem to give me second glances! Pants feel great and look great! You want to look great at the Gym and want to score with the women, BUY this pants!!!!
my boyfriend likes how long these are and how they fit.
I really love it
It's a T shirt, what did you expect?

Note the fabric is heavyweight which I like. I bought the same thing, I thought, in a store but it was the regular (light) weight and a big disappointment.
Love this bag!!!
What a pretty roomy and stylish beach bag, really good quality.
Already used it and got lots of compliments. It easily held the kids beach toys, our towel, snacks, and a bunch of other stuff. Love the oversized outside pockets where I stored my kindle. Each kid stuck their own water bottle in the roomy side pockets. Definitely stuffing this bag in the suitcase for my Bahama Cruise in September.
I'm not sure what made me order these mens sweatpants, but I've been wearing them for the past six months and LOVE them. I"m 5'8 and 140 lbs, normally a size 6 or 8. These are baggy, wear-at-home sweatpants. I like the elastic around the ankle. They're not too heavy but probably a bit warm for spring. I sleep in these and wear them around the house constantly. I've got two pairs and am likely going to grab another.

Only downside is no pockets!
Bought these for my 15-year-old son for Valentine's Day. He had been wanting some "cool" shades. Read the reviews on the Original Wayfarer. Saw some unhappy reviews. Decided to go with the "New Wayfarer." Good decision. They fit him perfectly. Got the 55mm lens. Would definitely buy again if he ends up losing these or stepping on them which is a high possibility with a teen.
Pretty soft and comfortable. Fits reasonable but its worth it at the price