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Doesn't really stay on my head, which as far as I know, is relatively normal in shape.

Wants to slide itself off the top of my dome.
Good product at a good price.
Nice quality chain for the price. Used it to replace the one that comes with the birthstone crystal necklaces.
A friend of mine was given this bag by a customer of hers, as a thank you. I fell in love with the look of it. Finding it on Amazon was a large surprise, and I ordered it immediately. I love the hair-on-hide look--- this not the only item with hair-on that I have among my home furnishings.

The straps are the right length, sturdy, but not exceptionally bulky (more about them below). The large external open pocket is a different color hide from the body of the bag on that side, but not unattractively so. I figure this will last several years before I wear the hair off the hide, at which point I might be ready to turn it into a chair cushion. I mean, why not? It zips closed already, and a 15x15 pillow form would fit inside. No sewing required for that repurposing! Should the straps break before that time, I take the bag to a saddler to replace with sturdy reins. All in all, I'm happy with this bag. It suits my casual, somewhat rural/suburban, lifestyle. On my Myra bag, the metal fittings seem to be made of brass or a brass finish, dull not shiny.

My only criticism of the bag is the material used for the two straps. Actually, they look/feel like thick felting instead of leather. I figure the longevity of the bag depends on the durability of the two straps, subject to sweaty palms, body oils, and the weight of bag contents. It will be easy enough to replace those straps in future--so I do not knock off a star in my rating. The bag itself should last a lifetime. Note my three photos attached include a view of the straps, with the D-ring giving easy access to my keys; and then views of both sides of the bag, first on a loveseat with pillows, and on the sofa (seat covered by a very large hair-on brown-spotted-cow-hide) with another hair-on pillow against the sofa arm.

Considering how adaptable this Myra bag is, you get your money's worth . I enjoy using it.
Great fit.
I just received this for a birthday present for my husband. I like this one very nice. Very happy with it,.
Also offers two windows one for an ID or Passport Card. It also has the RFID scan protection. Thanks
For great... True to size
Great for the price. Plated necklace and charm. But still a very nice necklace
leather belts hurt my back this is perfect
This is a good size crossbody purse for traveling. It holds the essentials close to your body. The bag is covered with the Tommy name. A lot of the lettering is upside down. The bag zips at the top. The zipper is sturdy and glides well. There's an pocket on the outside back of the purse as well as two inside. The straps are adequate, but not as sturdy as some other bags.
Well-made, affordable, and sized well. Fit even taller people like myself well without shrinking! Have been through the wash a dozen times now and still look new and fit just right. A great shirt in the Heather Grey color as it is part Polyester and therefor prevent shrinking. Other colors are ok as well, but will definitely shrink a bit more than the cotton/poly blend.
A good buy
I think its great but alittle dissapointed with the color it said lime green but its kelly green her uniform is lime green :(
Great product
handsome look
The shirts fit ok and the quality is good
Played nine holes of golf in shirt last evening. 107 degrees (Phoenix), cotton was cool as expected. Shirts are a little wrinkly out of wash, but that is also to be expected of cool cotton garments.
A lot better quality than getting glasses from the dollar store.
husband likes them
Very pretty but the zipper completely broke after minimal use. 20 bucks down the drain smh
This is a crappy Chinese knock-off of the real thing. You can only buy the real made in the USA MAGA hat through the Trump campaign website and is a snap back and also does not have a cheaply stitched flag on the side. Gave 5 stars anyways because we need to Make America Great Again!!!!
Fit just right and I look cool too.
I sent it back last week too small!
I thought theyd be made of cotton.
I love it when leather smells like leather and this time, the wallet, didn't....
Other than that, I am happy with my purchase, so far...
My loves these pants
The only problem is the material is thin. I don't know how well they will wear.
Every day use.
Not even southpole brand, sent some cheap Chinese crap and a medium is way too small for 5'10" 165 lbs, will be giving to my nephew