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We love these socks. But getting what you order is a joke. I ordered my wife a small gray pair. Today a large green/blue pair arrived. I can wear them. But that doesnt help my wife.
Love the socks...fits as expected and will be ordering more
We love this! Fits my 12 month old great, with stretch capabilities to get us through summer. It is beyond adorable!
Absolutely beautiful bag, I am going to be getting another color. Thank you.
This is so pretty and lightweight. I often get compliments.
Love that fact that there is no pockets.
Love it
Quality leather, rich color and lots of space for credit cards.
came apart after 3 times use
Love these.
Kids loved it
Worth the price. I lost a pair work 120 and replaced them with these. They are identical minus quality. Only issue is it kept giving me a black residue on my face the first few wears. Otherwise happy with my purchase
What didnt I like?!?!? If you want a comfortable shirt made some Badass Veterans this is the shirt for you!!! Instantly you will feel like a Warrior ready to take on any challenge that is in front of you and kick it in its face!!! Sender Fi Brothers!!! By the way, the amazing feel of this shirt is complimented well by starting your day with some Black Rifle Coffee.
I bought a black one of these at a hardware store and have been wearing it regularly for over 10 years. Over time it stretched, developed a permanent sag, and some surface wrinkles, but it still works. It's survived both casual wear and hard work with tools hanging from it. What I like best about it is it's design's flexibility to adapt for weight loss and growth. The hardware and stitching of this new brown one looks to be of the same quality, however the leather is more of a matte porous texture than the smooth somewhat glossier texture of my older black one. Also, although both are marked the same size, the new belt is almost 2" longer and 1/4" wider than the older belt.
Nice belt
Worth the money
Well made and sturdy wallet. I only wish it was a bit smaller to better store my iPhone XR
Comfy and stylish, with enough stretch for athletic use. This should be clear from the description, but these hit well above the knee for me (5'8"). It's a good look, but might be too short on a taller guy
Plain black t-shirts that don't feel cheap. They're Hanes so I guess that's to be expected.
The silver started wearing off and turning a copper color on the edges.
The elastic for the money clip is already stretching the card holder is still functioning
Compact enough sometimes I have to pocket check to make sure its in my pocket
They are great to wear, very happy with how the fit ,the lens are not destroying like I've seen on some sun glasses
I have 2 of these bags, my note 9 will fit with a case on it, The fabric bag fits the phone better than the leather one. The only thing on the leather one is I have a hard time attaching the strap.
Fit is good, although I could get away with one size smaller. I choose this size to get more depth on the V-neck. It seems most brands don't have a deep enough V for my needs. If the V shows beneath all but an entirely buttoned up outer shirt, what's the point? So I end up with a t-shirt a little longer and baggier than is ideal, but worth it for the concealed V. They seem a bit thin for a brand new shirt, but that could just be a misperception on my part. We'll see how they hold up. It was nearly impossible to find a 3 pack in this size locally....strictly 5s and 6s...just one more reason Amazon is such an advantage.
I was not specifically looking for an RFID blocking wallet when I bought this. My main attraction was the number of card slots and visible display slots the wallet had. It's great not having to shove in 2 to 3 card per slot and then hold up the line at the stores because you have to pry them out and search for the card you want. This one is also long enough that you can put your paper money in there flat and not have to fold it making the wallet too thick to close like some of the smaller women's wallets. You could easily fit a checkbook inside one of the sections with the change although you may start making it too thick to secure once folded. I would recommend this wallet.
I'm a skinny guy that has always had problems finding a good belt that fit right. This is the first belt I've owned that does just that. Comfortably snug, good quality and looks great! Bonus - It also holds my pants up!
My daughter has not taken this hat off since she got it for Xmas lol. She loves it and it looks cute!
i accidently put the wrong review up. Received it today and loved it.
Ive been complimented on my Ray-Bans twice now by people on the beach. I do own this style of sunglasses by Ray-Ban as well and let me that, if youre standing more than 3 feet away, you wouldnt be able to tell the difference. The proportions and feel are identical.