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These things are built soooo sturdily. The heel is not wearing through like some socks I've had. They're warm and roomy-enough that your feet can breathe! Highly recommend for hiking and keeping feet warm in the winter!
I purchased the Roma Leathers Genuine Leather Multi-Pocket Crossbody Purse Bag, to use with my Kindle Fire HD 8. I had purchased a similar bag, (Roma Leathers Genuine Leather Multi-Picket Crossbody Purse Bag),to use with my Kindle Fire HD 1st generation, and liked it so much I determined to find something similar for the Fire HD 8. The Roma Leathers bag had just enough pockets,and was designed by someone who knew what they were doing. It was almost as if this bag was designed with this product in mind. The new Roma Leathers bag is slightly bigger than the old bag. The new Kindle fits in with some leather stretching. As the bag is leather, I determined that it will loosen up with time. The two bags I have now for the Kindles are both similar in design. The only criticism I can level against the new bag is the fact that the zipper in the main bag is flawed in that it becomes unzipped or unattached(where the zipper track in front of equals the the back and becomes unstiched) easily. Part of this is due to the fact that it is a rather snug fit. I am trying to determine now if I can work with it until the leather loosens up. So far, the zipper is the only criticism I an level against the bag. It (the bag)is exactly as described and works with the Kindle Fire HD 8.
Good design and good quality for the price. But Not useable for prescriptional glasses. Only a fashion glasses!
Purchased this for a friend and had it shipped directly to her. She told me it was very pretty and that she loved it. I cant speak to how it arrived, was packaged, etc but the recipient seemed happy with it so I gave it 5 stars.
Sent wrong color. This wasn't functional for me. I had to dig into each pocket to see what was inside. I threw it in the trash.
Well made minimalist wallet, seems high quality after a week of use
My 12 year old lobes these! Super comfy and stylish just what she needed!
My favorite black shirts, I have had a extremely hard time finding a shirt that fits to my liking. I'm 5'9 slim on the side but wide from the front, not a regular build, this has made most shirts throughout my life feel like belly shirts every time I lift my arms, so the extra length these give are great, plus its not too much, perfect length.
Great deal and love all 16 colors and styles!
Very nice
A better design than the previous model and seems to be holding up better in the wash. The leg length seems ever so slightly longer than the last version of FotL boxer briefs, which is better for the leg cuffs staying put and not needing adjustment throughout the day. These also don't lose shape over the course of the day as some previous models have. They stay snug and the cotton breathes well. A nice upgrade on the waistband as well. Will be picking up more of these.
Great fit
Very nice thick material but the pants were considerably lighter than the photo.
Nice and modern looking product. They have used good materials to produce it. It fits the 12.9 inch iPad Pro easily.
I gave this as a gift this christmas my friend loved it and I have no problems with the service or the product :)
Amazing Product for the price. No complaints. I came back and ordered more of other colors. I am FTM - and these work better then actual binders - especially if you want something to wear when you are headed out to go swimming - they dry quickly and cant be seen under a shirt.
510 170# and this shirt fits great! Ill be wearing it often this summer!
The purse itself was ok. Visually, it was 80% of what I was expecting. I sent it back because it was about HALF the size that I thought it would be, based on how it looked on the picture of the model holding it. Way too small for me.
Great wallet. Well made
These socks are great. I have a neuroma on the bottom of my right foot that makes walking painful unless I have sufficient padding. I put these socks on and go. They also do not fall down the back of your shoe. The material provides excellent temperature regulation as well. I love these socks. They're not cheap but they're worth it.

However, I'd like to advise Amazon customers to purchase these socks either directly from Amazon or from WELL-ESTABLISHED VENDORS WITH A LOT OF POSITIVE RATINGS. Don't take a chance on a brand new vendor with no ratings who's offering you a super low price. I made that mistake and won't do it again.
I love this wallet!!
Be aware that the material is very thin, practically see through
Excellent sun hat, comfortable fit with an adjustable headband and a nice mountain outline on the front.
Really like these socks for playing tennis. I was having a hard time finding ankle socks that weren't too thin. For some reason all the brands I have tried seem to have decent thickness on the soles, but then are thin on the top of the foot. These Journow socks are consistently thick all the way around giving much better cushioning while playing. I wear a size 9 shoe and these fit well. One note, the have the brand-name "Enerwear" in large black letters on the arch area of each sock.
My husband is in love with this ones
The genuine article
I love the bag itself but when I received it one of the gold pieces on the drawstring is tarnished
Stretches out after it's washed but i didnt expect different as its cheap.
Love them.