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Love the wallet
I wish the little metal logo was not on there
Very comfortable socks! It fits well and does not slip. I would like to recommend it to everyone.
Fits perfectly! Has a low dome which is perfect for this style of hat!
I bought this article as a gift and the article did not suit him , diffrent from my tastes .
I did not receive his refund .
please check and perform

thank you
Shirts look good feels good and they fit him really.
Does what it is supposed to do. Nice look.
Returned, was very disappointed.
My new favorite workout leggings!!!! LOVE them!! They fit perfectly (I'm 5'7, 125lbs) and they were long enough for my legs! Very soft fabric as well.
Buckle could have been better guality
Buena calidad aunque no era el tono que esperaba
There are enough pockets. There is enough room for all of my stuff and places to put it that are convenient and that I can remember where I put things. The color is just as I expected. The over the shoulder straps stay in place - don't slip. I am very pleased with this bag and will probably order it in another color at some point.
Love the glasses
My husband loved these. He says they are incredibly comfortable and tbe longer length is great for the colder weather. And, they don't roll up or bunch.
I love Hanes underpants as they r super soft and comfortable and don't have those scratchy tags on them. Good fit good design and most important - very soft Cotton makes it my choice of underwear
Had my first one for 2 years no problem. Bought another in May and constantly kept having issues with the belt buckle falling off from the belt. It eventually fell into a toilet. Emailed Bulliant and got a robotic response back basically indicating they do not stand by their products and completely ignoring my question about quality of their product now vs when I bought my last one.
The best wallet I had it ever
I like it because it was a change from my larger bags.
Very nicely made. Look great too.
After having this watch for less than 48 hrs it is broken. My 1st grade daughter dutifully took off the watch to wash her hands so the band wouldn't get wet and in turn get her shirt wet. When putting it on, she dropped it from 1st grader waist-height on the tiled floor of the school bathroom and the glass - as in REAL GLASS - broke.

Then there's the nasty scratch on her thumb from picking it up. And the ruined favorite "Frozen / Olaf" shirt that now has a blood stain on it. And the phone call from the school. And the incident report the school had to complete and I had to sign.

Who in their right mind would manufacture or market a CHILD'S WATCH and use REAL, BREAKABLE, SHARP GLASS ???

This feature (or flaw) needs to be prominently displayed in the product description.


Last thing I want to mention... nearly all of the five star reviews seem to be based on "I'm sure she will love it" or something similar.

People: please, Please PLEASE do not review functional products (versus decorative) until you've actually used them or seen them use. You may be doing your fellow buyers a great disservice rating a products usability based on how it looks in a box.

If you have found this review helpful please click the "Yes" button below. That will help others sift through the reviews based on how something looks as opposed to how it actually works.
Who doesn't love new socks? These were great, and totally worth more than the price.
The title pretty much says it all. These are exceptionally thin material that resists absorbing moisture and feels abrasive when used. Decorative only.
This continually loosens with use. I stopped using it for almost a year, until I found it while moving. I put my work keys on it. During one of the frequent retightenings, the screws broke. Not stripped. The threaded portion actually separated from the smooth portion.
After less than 8 months of using these. The glasses are falling apart.
Pretty and comfortable
Zipper lock broker before we even left airport for our trip. Severely disappointed. The only reason we bought is for the extra security on vacation
Love this wallet, easy to use, great card storage, and easily fits in the front pocket.
Perfect size. Gift for my daughter.