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Ended up returning the jeans. It looks like old man's pants.
Cheap metal and VERY small cuff. I thought it was going to snap if I bent it too much. Bought this as a gift for someone so I didnt even have time to return it. Very disappointed.
These are good Fruit of the Loom shirts. The colors I received were black, grey, royal blue and red
LOVE this purse. It's so cute and looks kind of like Kate Spade but a much better price. Well made and haven't had any issues.
It is truly extra large! Seats well, material finish is great. Should last a good while. And came with a glass wipe! Nice!
Strong smell of petroleum when first opened. After a day it faded away and belt fit great.
A bit tight but nice product
It is not leather! Just some type of Synthetic material !
I don't understand how Hanes can have such a difference in quality in their t-shirts from pack to pack. I bought the same exact pack of t-shirts a little over a month ago and they were great, every pack of t-shirts I've bought since have been either too big, too boxy, or just itchy and uncomfortable this is the last time I give any more of my money to this company and i guess I'll have to look elsewhere from now on.
Great belt. Love how it stretches.
Started falling apart the second time I wore them.
I ordered 2 pairs of 34 waist 32 length like I always do. They usually fit perfectly but now the sizing is off. I can barely button them up. It seems like the legs are tighter now too. I have to send them back now.
My and my children's birthstones are peridot and emerald and the combination of these stone on this necklaces is priceless to me, it's simply beautiful. And on the tree of life is really awesome.
I ordered this product for my personal use. When I got them I tried them on and liked what i felt. I will order these socks again.
These are great sweatpants. My husband loves them. I ordered two in grey and one in black. They are loose at the ankles which makes them look like a regular pair of pants. The only negative would be there are no pockets.
looks just like the picture.
Love these!! Beautiful!
At first I couldnt get the belt to stay clamped in the plastic buckle, after a couple of tries I found I was attempting to clamp it the wrong way. Once I got it right, it seems like a durable, easy to use belt. Ive been wearing it daily for months now with no problem whatsoever, this is my second time ordering these belts. I am very happy
I absolutely love, love this hat!! It is everything! Great brim, classic shape. You can dress it up or down which ever you prefer.
Liked them enough to buy a second pair!
Great fit. Love the quality.
Boyfriend likes it
the downside is that it's really fragile and she broke the side piece just by bumping into a table.
I love it. Very good quality and I love that they have many color options.
I like the fit and the warmth of robe, very comfortable.
These say Large = 34-36" waist, and I currently wear a 34 waist generally, and these just don't fit well. Around the waist they are fine, but tight through the legs, and in a way that doesn't feel great.
Needed non-polarized lenses to see the head up display in my car. These sunglasses are pretty pretty pretty good. They're a bit heavy, and just a bit too small for my average size male face/head. But bending the arms a bit fixed that.

Where these really stand out is in the quality of the lenses. Exceeded my expectations and I'll probably look into some other styles and lens colors.
I wanted cotton handkerchieves to replace boxed tissue for my family. They are exactly what I wanted. They are smaller than bandanas so take up less space but are large enough to last the day. This was my second purchase so now we have enough of them that I can launder and sanitize them with my white laundry once week. They are cotton so they do wrinkle but I fold them right out of the dryer so thats not a huge issue. I am very happy with this product.
Great wristlet/Wallet! As descripted. It's easy to carry around, especially with a newborn baby and stroller :)
Very stylish. She loved the look without the large cost