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It fit perfect and very warm.
About 60% value for money
really nice cross body purse!
These are definitely not necklaces I wish they were I would have loved them for me and my daughter they seem to be made good though
Great price & great quality product. I have all colors! So pleased
wonderful shirts......keep me cool and dry throughout the workday !
My 15mo daughter received a ton of compliments on this super. Very cute, BUT sand gets stuck in the fabric. After rinseing by hand and washing in the washer, its still everywhere. Such a bummer!
I now have 3 pairs of Jose's all with different lens configurations.
Costas are the best you will find and are worth every penny.
I prefer the Glass Lenses, I abuse my gear fishing and they get tossed around a lot.
The Glass lenses hold up and are extremely scratch resistant.
I've ordered these before and they never disappoint. Perfect for someone who is 6'5" with undershirts that refuse to stay tucked in. Although pricey ($8 per undershirt), they last awhile and are comfortable.
Great bag and wonderful price.
Material good. Fit is just so-so.
This is my absolute favorite necklace in my collection right now. I wear it all of the time and would totally purchase it again and again. Thus far it has not tarnished and looks the same as when I bought it which usually isnt the case for more inexpensive jewelry. It is a very light material and the drawings on the coin arent perfectly detailed, but I expected that and actually do not mind because the necklace looks exactly as pictured. It is detailed enough that from afar you get that beautiful coin look and you would have to physically touch the necklace to feel if it is cheap or not. I have gotten many compliments and it is honestly my go to. Very happy that I made this purchase and may buy one or two as back up for IF this one even ever tarnishes.
great brim... really protects from sun
Im not sure if its just mine, but it has a really weird smell. Almost like a weird cheese or bad sour cream smell, or like a moldy sock. I thought it was just because I hadnt washed it yet, so I washed it per the care instructions. Added scent boosters to the wash, and it still had that smell. So I washed it again with even more scent boosters and more scented dryer sheets as well, and it still has that same strong odor coming from it. Im not sure what it is. But, Ive just been spraying it down with perfumes throughout the day when wearing it and its not as bad, its tolerable. The softness and plushness of this makes up for the smell. It is so luxuriously soft and warm. I needed a sweater that my dog could also fit in because she is a cuddle fiend, and she loves this sweater! She gets cold in the winter so I put this in the dryer and then wear it and she climbs right underneath and is happy as can be. That alone, makes this sweater worth it. Now we can cuddle and not hog all the blankets. I love how big it is, I kind of feel like the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters in it, but Im into it. It goes down to my calves and Im 52. The hood is BIG!
These were to replace Ray Ban 3025 sunglasses I lost on vacation.
Although they are nice they are not the same quality of the 62MM ones I lost. These are nice but are smaller and darker brown lenses.
I would not buy them again without trying them on at a sunglasses store.
Disappointed with the size and color.
Looks awesome, great purchased!!!
Absolutely gorgeous bag! Got so many compliments on it. And the cute little gifts that came with it are why I chose it over a competitor.
Very nice cotton handkerchiefs when you have the sniffles.
Very pretty in person and very clean, a few of them have coated needles, which worries me about infections and such, but so far so good. Some of them are WAYYY bigger than I thought they would be and so they won't work for my 3 year old. But they are really well made and durable and she loves picking a new one everyday to go with her outfit. Will order from seller again, but not for a while because this is way more than she needs right now.
My husband is so happy this new purchase! He uses it everyday. He says its light and very user friendly. Plus, everything fits nicely inside.
Very nice, I will buy again at a later date.
Product was as described, nice
Well made for the price paid. I love all of the compartments and the color is beautiful!
These are very comfy around the waste and fit very well. I'm giving them for stars because of the elastic. They have enclosed the elastic but it is sewed only on the bottom. This allows it to fold over on its self inside the fabric. It's not a big deal but can be annoying at times. Lastly, I also did not get the lime green.
The ATTLC glasses are fantastic! They look, feel, and wear like glasses costing much, much more...... Very happy and pleased with my ATTCL Men's Hot Retro Metal Frame Driving.
Great value for all of the briefs. Will purchase again. Price was great!
I bought these as a possible alternative to masks hoping the lightweight, breathable fabric would be more comfortable in hot summer months. Unfortunately, while the material is very thin, the edging has very little elasticity. I tried one on, pulled it up over my nose and it promptly dropped back down. Perhaps these are good for the dozen or so other uses, but don't buy this if you want to use it as a mask.
Excelente me encanto
Gift was well-received.
This is an awesome watch. My granddaughter loves it and it's helping her with learning to tell time.