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Love it
The best purse. Has great pockets to keep everything organized. Room for everything and looks stylish.
I dont know if I got a different pair than these other people in the reviews (as I read them before purchasing) but the legs are not long.... Im only 56 and these dont hunch at my ankles whatsoever. In fact, they actually end right above my ankle. I like them. But they are not long in my opinion. ALSO- not very thick. Not cheaply thin, but not thick.
Great price and I received it quickly. What's not to like.
Nice quality , feel good .
Every time I order these, they are made in a different country. At least this time, made in India. Soft and good quality. Much better than the last batch from Haiti.
Buyer Beware. These socks are too small for anyone with larger feet,..size 11 and above.

That's a major disappointment because People Socks was formerly a reliable source for wools socks.

Most annoyingly, the socks are mislabeled as large....and shrink with every washing.
The size chart is worthless and has nothing to do with sock-sizing.

Unless you want your big feet to be strangled by tight socks, steer clear of this brand.
Just the right size for allergy sufferers. Soft, absorbent, and economically priced. The best buy ever.
We like the socks.
Just what Ive been looking for. Roomy bag with inside pockets. Looks good with casual wear. Easy to open and close.
My husband loves this hat. Uses it to keep the sun away. It works great. I only knocked off a star because he looks silly wearing it. (Dont tell him)
Not really what we were looking for or expecting. They run very small.and for my 6 year old much better than the skin tight it is on my husband.
Expectations met. Thank you.
Seems to be high quality fabric that won't fray quickly. Comfortable.
Perfect item and just what I wanted.
These socks are great for my husband. They do stretch out a little over time, but honestly not really that badly. His usually get toe holes before they are too stretched out - and thats after quite a lot of wears!
Absolutely love this purse! It opens up with lots of room for everything
it is a nice work shirt , light weight.
Perfect fit
I like that it's durable and tight. Keeps everything in it secure.
dinkier than expected compared to other shorts from CK - don't recommend.
It was really nice at first but (1) one of the snaps popped off and (2) another snap couldn't grasp my shirt (so I had to fold a piece of paper to give it extra cushion to grasp on). I might have just gotten unlucky with this product.
I returned these. They were reflective on the inside and any sun from my cheeks was bouncing off the lid and directly into my eyes. Ive never had glasses so this before.
I love this cap stylish attractive
I like that the t-shirts came in a variety pack, the price was right, and they do tend to fit well. Nice job done by Amazon once again!
Great undershirts at a great price. The neck area is still fairly tight and only doesn't show if you are wearing a button up shirt over it and button it up. The material is as expected. I have other undershirts from Macy's brand that are more stretchy and larger neck area but you can't beat the price for these.
Looks like its made well but, even though its larger, doesnt hold as much as my old wallet. Disappointed I couldnt use it because I couldnt fit all I needed in it.