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Stylish and do fit nicely over my prescription glasses. I have a cataract that is not eligible for surgery yet. My ophthalmologist suggested this type of glasses. They help somewhat to alleviate the difficulties of night driving but not completely.
Goot fit
The pants fit more like I would imagine skinny jeans to be. I ordered 2XL, but it isn't worthy of wearing in public. (Unless that's your thing) perhaps ordering 2 sizes larger would have fit better. However, I can't blame them for my size so who knows.
Completed my outfit. One of my favorite pair of earrings ever purchased.
I purchased these glasses for a Halloween party, much to my surprise they are actually pretty good they seem to be sturdy and they are usable for every day use
Love them. Light compression and good cushion for diabetic neuropathy. I wear size 7 to 7.5 and my feet are narrow. These fit fine with a lot of toe room.
Very impressed with my belt (and the sharp box it came in).
Good buy. I feel they are a little thin. Almost as if they would rip or tear easily. But they are comfortable.
Good value for the money. Of course durability is the best test, but I'll update that in a year.

Great fit for me (XL). Length is good and fits well through the shoulders. Washed up very nicely on the 'out of the bag' initial wash. Based on a bad experience with similar sweatshirts in the past, I used the lowest dryer setting to eliminate the possibility of shrinkage. With imported clothing, it's really hard to know what is set and what is not.

Definitely recommend this sweatshirt to anyone looking for low price and decent quality.
A good buy for the money, looks great too. GO TRUMP!
Soft, awesome, confirming and compact. Holds much more than you'd expect. Awesome for the $$$$
Good fit, feels good.
hice una compra de levis 501 , los cuales he usado durante toda mi vida, recibi unos pantalones que dan la sensacin de que no fueran originales , departida no tienen el corte de los 501, la tela no es la misma y el talle no coincide con el que siempre he comprado, realmente una lastima , me siento realmente estafado. lejos la peor compraque hice
me siento realemnete estafado
This hat is great, lightweight and adjustable. This one is the only one that does not give me a headache and I have tried many. It is also a plus to be able to secure it when out in the boat and not have to hold it on your head so it won't blow off. The brim blocks the sun off of your face without being too stiff to sit in a lounge chair. It dries quickly when wet and does not lose its shape. Highly recommend it.
I liked the quality of the fabric so soft
Fast service and good quality
How can anyone say anything bad about this bag. I'm a purse person, I've had every style purse you can name and every brand, I don't like things that look cheap so that was my only worry when ordering this, for the price I figured it would be cheesy but I was getting it as a new everyday bag that I wouldn't have to switch out every few days because i'm trying to be fly one day so I figured I'd risk it for the price lol.. Now granted I just got mine so I can't speak on how it performs from a wear and tear aspect, but I love this bag!!!!!! It does not look cheap at all, I've had coach purses, even MK's that I don't feel look as sleek as this one for triple the price. Those saying it's too big....That's what a tote is. Look at the pic where they show how much can fit in the bag...That alone should tell you it's pretty big, coupled with the Ipad pic I knew it would be what I was looking for. It's not huge but it's a normal tote size. Lots of compartments which is awesome for me, The zippers on the outside hold my hand lotion,, hand sanitizer, 2 of my favorite lip glosses and a carmex container on one side and the other a bottle of aleve, a compact and my nail clippers. There's also a zipper on the outside on the other side of the purse that my keys can fit in and of course the inside has two little pockets for like a phone and other stuff as well as a divider that a nice sized book and planner can fit in and the main compartment space for whatever else you wanna throw in there. It comes with a long detachable strap, but my fav are the one that are made on which is what you see in the pics for that shoulder tote look. I'm literally only on here to order 2 more in different colors. I got the darker brown one because it's more versatile as an everyday bag, I'm also going to order the lighter brown color and the black. You won't be disappointed.
they fit perfectly and the tongue in the heel really helps get a snug fit. Just take your time getting each toe in the correct toe bit.
Very cute, but tangles so frequently.
Great for those guys who have larger quads
Gotta love Levi's that fit as expected. No exchanges make me a happy person.
These are my second set of Duco sunglasses. The previous pair was over a year old when the rubber pad came off the nose piece. I liked the Duco sunglasses and ordered a replacement pair. They are equivalent to the first pair.
Perfect fit!
Qaulity product for a reasonable price.
Fits as expected.
This bag Looks great, however it is a little bigger than I originally thought, so a little much for everyday use! Hense the 4 stars! However It is great when I need to carry a lot of things such as a tablet, books, etc. If thats what you want to carry around then it will be perfect for you! No complaints on the quality of the bag, it is top notch.
I love it. I used to buy expensive clothes with the logo appearing but felt just like a walking ad. Basically, free marketing for the company. But then I found Hanes. Simple, good quality, and affordable. No logo appearing.
I did so much research on wallets before deciding to give this one a chance. This is a great wallet and not just for the price, it's a great wallet period. The leather is good quality, the credit card slots were a bit tight at first but in the last two months of use they have loosened a bit. I love how there is a slot for cash in the middle. I'm always skeptical of having a wallet with a money clip because what if it falls out even with a snug clip? This wallet holds about 6 cards and my driver's license with a few bills which is all I need. I never feel it in my pocket and it's a lot easier to find my cards than one of those super expensive metal wallets with a similar small footprint.

Bottom line is that this is the minimalist wallet for you. It's slightly wider than a credit card and slightly taller. The quality is at least as good as my former $50 wallet and it's easier to use. Buy this wallet.
good pricing