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My daughter loves it. Expected quality. Not bad for the price
The wallet has plenty of room for cards, cash, & other items.
It is attractive and functional.
everything I expected
A bit large on the head but not too bad, the real problem was after a week of use it had mold growing all over it
No issues
The hood is too short for me, although I have a long neck (not that long though). The hood lifted the short off of my shoulders, I would have preferred an inch or 2 of drape. If the hood had been 3 inches longer, and perhaps a bit tapered, it would have fit perfectly. A drawstring would come in handy for the boat ride as well.
I had got it. It just said the wrong thing lol but long story short delivery person posted it was sent to a receptionist lmao but it looks like it's very warm and can't wait to try it for this winter on my way to work
Used this bag to travel on a cruise. It was perfect! For flight, holding all items needed including my husbands. It was great!
The first day I received these sunglasses, one of the lenses immediately popped out while cleaning. It's actually too bad because I enjoyed the clarity of the actual lenses. I managed to force the lens back in but unless you're Nick Fury I would not recommend that you buy this.
Way too small and the whole fishnet sucks tbh...
If youre looking for running shorts and are around 510 go with the 7 inch. Bought these for light running the came in a little to long for running shorts.
It had a flaw on the front . The gold medal had a deep scratch on it . Other than that I love it .
Very, very pleased with this necklace. Everything was as promised & more.Lovely necklace. Thank you.
They fit my face perfectly and pretty stylish.
Bought these as a gift for my husband. Very lightweight to where they almost feel too cheap. Side frame broke within two weeks of wearing them.

Side note: the packaging for the product from the company was very cool, like a decal and a bracelet, etc.
These are amazing sunglasses. Went to the Sunglass Hut in my local mall to find the right pair of sunglasses since I sat on and broke my previous pair. They wanted $179 so I took a picture with my camera phone of the specific model I wanted. Typed it into Amazon and walah. $70 cheaper. Awesome. I really hope I don't sit on another pair but if so, I know where to get them much cheaper.
Nice looking and well fitting.
I checked the reviews and choose one size larger and it was perfect.(usually wear a large T shirt so I ordered an XL. If you are very athletic and slim you might stay with your normal size. The material is very comfortable. I thought the black/ charcoal color might be hot but it was not. The shirt keep its shape after being wet. Highly recommend .
Very comfortable, fits perfect, and I hope they last a long time.
Great fitting hat
Pretty, bigger than expected
Not hypoallergenic dont buy, just 1 day it messed my kids ear up
Love the wrap around style
Beautiful earrings. They match perfectly with the leaf necklace I purchased months earlier.
This product is very cool l like it so much
I get so many compliments when wearing this fragrance
Almost immediately I noticed something felt weird 'down there!' Over time, I began to have intense itching and burning and when I stopped wearing this underwear, the irriation ceased and things went back to normal. Apparently, the cotton is treated with a chemical that causes skin irritations. I would NOT recommend this product unless your want to risk a similar problem.
The material and the color are beautiful. Great idea for a present.
Silky feel material beautiful color