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just what I wanted
Fit nicely. I wasn't expecting the thick white lines on the side of the swim shorts, however looking back at the original ad you can see the strips slightly in the 2nd photo. Also the pockts hold a massive amount of water, which I found very weird for a swim shorts. Over all decent thick quality.
I felt mislead when I saw the material wasn't sweat resistant. The fabric is still over 50% cotton which is uncomfortable during certain sport activities.
good price ,all leather ,handsome looking/
A size too big, but an over-site on my part. :-)
Do it!!!!! Buy this bag! Super durable, 3 ways to carry it, lots of pockets and super light! Love it!
They are the real brand but they are 4 dollars more than the actual website
Very pretty purse but the straps are too short to use it over your shoulders.
I will return it.
I like that it was tall and large enough to fit well. Every other 3X I buy is far too short to tuck in. This was perfect.
I like this!
Really like this shirt as it does exactly what it's advertised to do. The only drawback is not being able to wear it under shirts with thin fabric and a snug fit. Tried it on one and it made it look like I was wearing a bra. Other than that, it's really an amazing product!
Arrived on time. Little on the small side but I expect that they will stretch with use and repeated washes. Oh, speaking of I washed one of them for the second time today, the zipper popped off. One of the teeth near the bottom was missing and it seemed very weak down there.
Excellent price and excellent quality.
The only pants I will wear. The fit absolutely perfectly. Look great, feel wonderful and hold up well.
I kept looking for some sunglasses that seemed expensive without having to spend an arm and a leg. These sunglasses are it! I have a very small/narrow face and many sunglasses dont fit me well. Theyll fall off or stick out on the sides. I once had to return $400 dllr Prada sunglasses because of this issue. I was skeptical when ordering, but figured they were worth a shot for the price. Well this was money very well spent. The gold frame is sturdy and makes the sunglasses look expensive. Im literally using them everywhere. Check out how I pair my sunglasses with different outfits on my IG @TheTeaonStyle
Socks are small. No way a size 13 can wear these.
Good fit and when washed it dont shrink
Sent me an open package that had been resealed in a second exterior bag. one pair of underwear had been opened and unfolded already. disgusting.
These hats are a good value. My only complaint would be that they came pretty wrinkled but it was fixed with a steamer.
Haven't used this purse yet. However, it looks nice and I think it will serve my purpose very well.
Four stars for being sized too large, as most of the reviews seem to have found.

My head measures 23 7/8 inches, and the XL size was just a little bit too loose. I put some strips of thin foam sheeting between the sweat band and the hat to snug it up a little, and now it fits like it should.

The hat looks good and is well-made for the price. Nice and easy to shape the brim.

Wearing it only now and then, it should last many years.
Im extremely happy with this purchase! Its exactly the right size and genuine leather as described. Color as pictured too.
Comfortable fit and very lightweight- polarized sunglasses are great for fishing!
Returned after about a month as screws fell out, item replaced and again the screws fell out. Not going for a third one
Great shirt - perfect for workouts
Cheaply made. Does not fit right around the waist. The legs are too long. It's a shame. We've bought Hanes sweats for decades but now they are too cheaply made for me to recommend anyone buy them.
Nice material but the tailor was unskilled. One sleeve is longer than the other and the collar is poorly made. Good for knocking around but little else.