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Really dark! Could barely tell it was blue.
Good hat but makes u look like u have a big forehead. Fits well though.
These have a 3x2 label in the back that irritates your skin. If you remove the label they have a raised obnoxious stick that is really uncomfortable underneath it.
Doesn't last because of how it attaches to the belt. So a year of continuous use may cause the belt to give up. Try a Grip 6 belt. It's so much better.
photos look great...but glasses are oversized and nicely painted plastic....inside the box says made in italy...outside the sticker says made in china...
I have had many pair of high end sunglasses over the years. After buying these, I will never buy expensive sunglasses again. Why? Because there is no need to! These are very impressive and the quality is there! As a bonus, I'm not sick if they get lost, squashed or chewed by the dog. Seriously these are very nice and I would highly recommend them for someone looking for a slightly larger lens than the classic Ray Bans. I will be ordering a few more pairs of these!
I ordered these because they are advertised as being extended size for people who wear sizes 12 to 16 shoes, but they do not fit comfortably on my size 13 feet. These socks are much smaller than I expected. I've previously purchased socks listed as being for size 10 to 13 that fit much better than these "extended size" socks do.

If they were sized as advertised, I'd probably rate these socks a 3 or 4.

If you wear size 13 or larger shoes, I recommend buying some other brand of sock.
It does keep the sun off my shoulders and back, I dont have to worry about putting on sunscreen
A great product. It's light enough to bring, cloth is strong enough to use.
The colour is relatively dark, but it's always allowable.
Very nice quality and got here very fast!

The snaps on the choker are really nice if you have a smaller neck, out of all the chokers I've ordered I would have to say this is the nicest one I've come across, especially for the price.
The material and fit are good, my waist being 33"/34" and opting for Mediums. They are snug but certainly not grabby if you know what I mean.
Not bad, they are a lot thicker than expected though.
Wore them for our wedding! A little on the cheap side but worth the savings. See picture attached for reference!
This wallet is to wide, and the ID flap is in the way all the time.
I use it everyday
Very attractive bag, lots of compartments. Good workma ship!
Love the aviators!! Great fit and quality!
perfect one size fits all!
Did not get the colors I expected, also description states super soft material which is definitely not accurate. Would not purchase again.
Fits perfectly and very comfortable
My daughters kind of short. Perfect for sports, comfortable but a little pricey.
Me encantan. Se ven muy bien y me quedaron perfectos!
These are exactly what I was hoping for ... blue polarized lenses, Asian fit, wrap-around style, good for shooting sports outside.
My boyfriend loved it. Purchased as a gift. Much bigger then I expected it to be.
Broke the first time my daughter tried to put them in.
Frogg Toggs Action Poncho, Blue Very lightweight, which may be what you are looking for, but I was hoping for a more durable fabric. When I wore this out hiking in the rain, it caught on branches and developed holes very easily.
After just a few weeks the beads chipped. For the price- I was hoping it would be better quality. I gave it to my sister as a gift and she said she takes it off before showering etc but the paint on the beads still chipped. Disappointing.
Good so far but has lifetime warranty